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Isaiah 11:10

Isaiah 11:10 “In that day the root of Jesse shall stand as an ensign (banner, sign) to the peoples; Him shall the nations seek.”

More than any other prophet, Isaiah was one who built Israel’s expectation of their coming Savior. The name root of Jesse clearly indicates the Savior’s ancestry in the royal family of Israel. Because of Isaiah’s testimony here and elsewhere, the Jews of that day should have understood how important the Messiah would become to peoples all over the world! This root of Jesse, this Son of David, would not merely execute judgment on the nations, but would first bring payment for sin. He was to be not only the world’s King, but also the world’s Savior.

Praise our Savior as the banner of the unreached peoples! Pray that the peoples of Algeria will soon know their savior, who will some day return as the victorious King.

Today’s People Group

By 1941, after 14 years in Algeria, the Marshes had learned three languages and a dialect. Not only were they seeing hundreds of Muslims attend meetings in their main station and an outstation, but they were reaching thousands more in the villages. During the war years a little assembly or church was formed, confirming the Marshes’ decision to remain in North Africa.

Meanwhile, the sacrifice made by the parents in sending their daughter away was blessed when Daisy became a missionary to first Algeria and then France. Later her voice on radio penetrated into Kabyle villages where no missionary had ever gone. Her voice reached many of the four million Kabyle people in Algeria, as well as in other parts of the world.

Many homes were open to Pearl. If a woman desired to hear the Word of God, Pearl would come at her request, sit on the floor with her and read from the Bible.

But later, as she walked through the streets, Pearl was often jeered at or spat on. During the Algerian war for independence, she slipped past the French sentry and the barbed wire entanglements to minister to her people. Friends begged her to be careful, but she knew no fear “for she had an unseen Companion and Protector.” Scores of Pearl’s old pupils and contacts became secret believers, even though they were married to Muslim men.

Pray for joy and perseverance for those working in difficult Muslim nations.

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