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Psalm 105:1

Psalm 105:1 “Give thanks to the Lord, call upon His Name; make known among the nations what He has done.”

If you want to know what God has done, read the Bible through! Next, reflect upon His creation surrounding you. Then look at history, and see His hand moving upon men and nations to fulfill His purposes. Read books and periodicals to marvel at those new things He is revealing to men from His treasures of wisdom. Finally, search your heart and meditate upon His work in you. You should find within yourself a threefold response to what you have seen and learned-the same threefold response the psalmist gave: gratitude, prayer, and a passion that these things be proclaimed to all. Do not be disobedient to the heavenly vision. Go and make Him known. Join His host of prayer warriors.

Praise Him without ceasing this coming year!

Today’s People Group

Khail shivered as he plunged into the cold water of the main well of his clan’s oasis of El Golea. His father prayed over him before he made this dangerous descend to clear out the rocks and sand that were limiting the vital water from entering the well. His father said, “Take a deep breath now. Hold onto the rope and basket. Do your work and we will have a warm fire and sweet dates ready for you when you come up.”

In the past, the Chamba Bedouins roamed the Sahara Desert of Algeria moving from one oasis to another with their camels. Now, this people group of about 1,000 have settled in a few oases located in the northern Sahara. There they maintain a simple life existing on the cultivation of small crops, harvesting dates, and caring for their goats and sheep. Occasionally they may go to markets in nearby towns to sell wool and dates.

They view the desert as freedom and do not want to be disturbed by outsiders. Deeply superstitious, they combine basic rituals of Islam with animistic attempts to keep evil spirits away. Cell phones and radios are available to the Chamba, which provide possible ways to reach them for Christ.

Pray that followers of Christ will befriend the Chambas and lead them to understanding Christ and His Word. Pray they will hear God’s Word on the radio and see the JESUS Film. May the Chamba people soon have the living water of the Holy Spirit.

Learn more at Joshua Project.

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