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Genesis 4:26

Genesis 4:26 “Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time, men began to call on the Name of the Lord.”

Here we find an interesting contrast between two groups of people. The first descendents from Cain are identified by their careers, by what they do. In this group are musicians, herders, metal smiths, and builders of cities. But the second group’s identity is found in their relationship with the Lord. Today is no different. Most people, when asked to say something about themselves, identify who they are by what they do. But a few choose to identify themselves by Who they know. And ultimately that’s what the Great Commission is all about. It’s being a Christ-bearer among all the nations of the earth.

Pray that every missionary to nomads will understand that what matters is knowing the Lord.

Today’s People Group

Nomadic People Network (NPN) is an organization with the goal of helping missionaries who are trying to reach nomadic peoples for Christ. It conducts a yearly gathering of missionaries to nomads. They can share stories from their various experiences and learn lessons and methods of evangelism from one another. NPN helps the few believers who are reaching out to nomadic tribes to do so more effectively.

Ato Mahey, the legendary Walayta evangelist in Ethiopia and Kenya, can share his dream with others at the meetings. He has been searching out nomadic people groups for more than 30 years and has been described as “having a nose for the places and tribes where the Holy Spirit is about to work.” He is also excellent at being able to find the people who will be the first responders to the gospel.

Gersho (see background and day 3) is another evangelist chosen by the Lord to win souls. The Holy Spirit prepared Gersho so that he comprehended that the way his tribe could understand the gospel was through the warrior initiation ceremony which was called “being born again,” and the physical doorway they walked through at the rite’s conclusion.

These two Christian leaders are excellent examples of dedicated local missionaries who are eminently qualified to train and encourage others at the meetings who may have a passion to reach nomadic peoples for Christ.

Pray that this network will be used by the Lord to raise up hundreds of new workers to go to the nomads.

Learn more at Joshua Project.

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