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Genesis 16:12

Genesis 16:12 “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility to all his brothers.”

Though this verse refers to the Ishmaelites, it can also apply to the Daza people or many others as well! Throughout mission history God has sent His servants to love and reach out to violent people. Needless to say, there have been many martyrs through the centuries. But the formerly violent peoples have been transformed: the Celts, the Scots, the Vikings, the Koreans, the Zulus, etc. Dare we pray that the Holy Spirit will transform the nations we prayed for this month?

Pray once again for spiritual transformation among the nomadic peoples of East Africa. Pray that Christ’s ambassadors among the unreached in places like Ethiopia and Chad will be able to spread the word of God.

Today’s People Group

We now travel south from where we were in yesterday’s reading to the southern fringes of the Sahara Desert. Here we meet another rugged Muslim people, the Daza, who reside in southwestern Chad and Niger. The Daza people are known for their fighting, and they are feared by some of their neighbors. Many, including the women, carry daggers under the sleeves of their garments.

The Dazas are a proud people, and they are known for going a long time with little food or water. Traditionally, they herded cattle, camels, and goats. Yet, because the expanding Sahara Desert has destroyed much of the pasturelands, today some Daza men find work in towns and cities. The women work at home doing the cooking, and cleaning. Primarily, they receive their income by selling animals.

You can most likely recognize a Daza man by his clothes, which include loose-fitting drawstring pants under long-sleeved robes and turbans or small Muslim caps. Traditionally, Daza women wear long wrap-around dresses, head coverings, and jewelry.

As they are Muslims, there is great social pressure to participate in prayers and fasting. Yet, they also incorporate some traditional practices into their Islamic activities.

Ask the Lord of the harvest to break the pride of the Daza people and give them humble hearts that seek truth and righteousness. Ask God to call Christ followers who will be willing to minister the love and compassion of Christ to them.

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