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Dear Praying Friends, “As often happens, this issue of the GPD started off in one direction, but then changed course and did not go the way that I expected it to go. I believed that there were many people groups in Nigeria that practiced Islam and have their main identity in this religious system. As the stories came in, however, I found that most of the Muslim peoples of Nigeria are more involved with their traditional religion (animism) than they are with Islamic practices.”

The old gods die out slowly. That is true no matter what religion one practices in a tribal setting. Christianity is rife with examples of people who hear about the Lord, and before you know it, they have made Him their sun god.

When the issue is religious affiliation, this isn’t a problem. We aren’t interested in counting people as “Christians.” Affiliation with Christianity is useless unless people make Christ their Lord and allow Him to transform their lives. They must give Him their undivided loyalty. Though we are praying for Muslim people groups in Nigeria this month, don’t forget to pray for the “Christians” who have allowed the old gods to replace the True God.

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