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Joshua 1:2

Joshua 1:2 “Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River.”

What fearsome words: Moses is dead. Moses was the man through whom God had done great and mighty works in Egypt and in the wilderness. Joshua, to whom God spoke these words, had been simply an assistant. Today, our generation stands in awe of the missionary giants of previous eras. Andrew Park Stirrett is no longer walking among us. Nevertheless, God’s challenge to us today rings as clear and sure as this word to Joshua centuries ago: Now you, and all these people, get ready to move. Thus the torch of responsibility passes from generation to generation. Are you ready to take the torch?

Thank the Lord for those who have gone before us. Pray for His anointing for those who will lead in the near future.

Today’s People Group

“He [Stirrett] was not a great preacher,” SIM leader Guy Playfair once observed, “but he was great in that he preached without ceasing. Our estimate is that he preached not less than 20,000 times, and was heard by at least one and one-half million people. Two thousand such men could have evangelized the world in any generation.

The great Hausa tribes were his first love, and he dreamed of the day when they would have the Bible in their own language. As a key member of the translation committee, the crowning joy of his life was the day in 1932 when the British and Foreign Bible Society placed the completed Hausa Bible in his hands.

A man of rigid discipline, Stirrett fixed a pattern of behavior that rarely varied. Determined not to let the sun rise before he was on his knees in prayer, he rose at 3:45 a.m. each day to meet with God. He set aside specific days for fasting and prayer in order to plead with God for “his” African people. He continued to be active until the day before he died at 83 years of age.

Today a simple marker identifies the grave of a little man who never had a “call,” but who demonstrated through a lifetime of service that he knew he had a calling.-AL from “The Pioneer Who Never Had a Call,” by Kerry Lovering, SIM International, 1985.

Pray for the Lord to raise up 2,000 Andrew Stirretts!

Learn more at Joshua Project.

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