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Matthew 9:11

Matthew 9:11 “”Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?””

Jesus had just called Matthew-a tax collector, a despised “sinner,” an outcast-to follow Him. This disturbed the Pharisees, who would not associate with such people. But Jesus’ response was as convincing as it was clear: “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick…. For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” This is the state of countless millions in our world today. Outcasts, despised minorities, oppressed peoples: are they within God’s scope of concern? In fact, our Lord focused His concern on them. Should we not do the same?

Pray that the Savior will give us His sacrificial love for the despised and oppressed.

Today’s People Group

Su Ling is now 18 years old, but her life is vastly different from most urban teenagers. She has had two children since her arranged marriage at age 13. Su Ling’s day begins before sun up and finishes late into the evening as she cares for her children, the home, and works in the fields. She is determined that both her children will be educated and one day will have the opportunity to follow their own dreams.

Su Ling is part of a small tribe of people known as the Shixing. A tiny people group of only 3,000, the Shixing live in six villages. Compared to other smaller Qiangic language groups, the Shixing language has been studied extensively. Many Shixing people also understand those who speak Gami Tibetan, Pumi, or Mosuo, in addition to the local dialect of Chinese.

They observe Tibetan Buddhism, and some boys are sent to a large monastery a day’s travel away. The Shixing teach their children to appease local mountain gods, and they often practice polygamous marriage. Gospel proclamation has only recently started, but a few Shixing are already following Jesus!

Pray that more of the Shixing people would soon have the opportunity to hear the good news. Pray that those beginning to follow Jesus would grow in their faith. Pray that they will be used by the Lord to establish a Christ-centered Shixing Church that will shine His light throughout southern China.

Learn more at Joshua Project.

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