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September 2007 News

Monday, September 10th, 2007

Fall Blitz
Dear Friends,
I think mid-August and September has to rank right up there with Christmas as being one of the busiest times of the year! With the end of the summer celebrations, start of the new school year, sports schedules, the fall kickoff of church activities, etc, it is a crazy time for many people – our family included! Here is a recap of some of our activities the last few weeks.
1. Spanish Wedding
I officiated at the wedding of Sara (former Nueva Vida member) and Antonio (her new husband from Sevilla, Spain). They are living in Spain and it was a lot of fun to get to know Antonio’s family who came over from Spain for the wedding.
2. Home Schoolers Camp
It was rewarding to speak to a camp of home schoolers about the armor of God (Eph. 6). I was able to borrow a life-sized reproduction of Roman armor to use. The kids loved it when we dressed up the camp dean in the armor. I also used it when I preached the same sermon at Nueva Vida.
3. Speaking of camp, we took the Nueva Vida congregation to Country Lake Christian Retreat for a special Sunday worship service and afternoon of fun and fellowship. Below is a picture of Abbey (9 years old) going down the zip line at the retreat center!
Abbey on zip-line

4. Fern Creek Home Group Kickoff
In August I turned over the Wednesday night home group that I had been teaching in Fern Creek to my team-mate Mike Hook. We hosted a kickoff and bar-b-q with 30 people in attendance. Present were the members of my Tuesday night Bible study that I have been doing this summer. They are now attending and the group is growing. We are happy about the spirit and fellowship as well as hunger for God’s word we are seeing. By turning the group over to Mike I am free on Wednesday nights to practice with the worship band. Until the Lord provides another keyboard player I will continue to serve in that capacity.
Fern Creek Kick Off-a Fern Creek Kick Off-b

 5. Youth Kick-Off
We kicked off the new school year with the Nueva Vida Christian Church youth group with a cookout and celebration. Our host home had decorated his driveway with flags that represented the varied countries of our youth’s families (Panama, Nicaragua, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico and the USA). It was a great night of celebration and relationship building with the youth and their families. The youth are meeting on Wednesdays (in a home group) and on Sundays.
6. Hi School and Volleyball
We’re adjusting to some major changes with Emily starting hi school. She is attending Eastern High school a large public school with 2000 students. She was one of only 2 freshman girls who made both the freshman and JV volleyball teams. She has 2 practices a day and plays on both teams during matches. With all her homework in her honors and advanced classes, and commitment to church youth group activities she is one busy young lady. As her official chauffeur I can attest to that. We are truly proud of her. On top of that, Abbey started volleyball today on her school’s 4th and 5th grade team. Here we go!
7. Daily Pastoral Activities of Nueva Vida
Of course, the daily activities of planning meetings for upcoming events, leadership training, conflict resolution with church members, planning and implementing weekly Bible studies and sermons, worship services, evangelistic studies, evaluation and continual tweaking, outreach at the Shelbyville medical clinic, running the Nueva Vida Christian Church office, managing our volunteer force, etc…continue to challenge and motivate us. I can’t imagine doing anything else – and I’m so grateful to you for your prayer and financial support that makes it possible for me to be involved in this ministry. Thank you!!

September Prayer Pointers
l Praise God for the fruit we’ve experienced in the ministry this month – conflicted relationships restored or working towards healing; and several individuals who have stepped up and said yes to leadership roles in Nueva Vida.
l Please pray for 3 adults (and their children) who have left Nueva Vida recently due to irreconcilable doctrinal differences. We hate to see anyone leave – and pray for God’s protection as they embrace unbiblical teaching.
l Praise God for communication I received this month from Peru and Mexico – from 2 families who came to the Lord through our ministry and since have returned to their home countries. They have remained strong in the Lord.
l Emily’s mission trip to New Orleans was a real success and a wonderful experience for her. Her supervisors tell us she was one of the hardest working youth and even made the boys look weak! Praise God with us for her spiritual growth and pray with us for His protection as she shines her light at her new school.
l Praise God for the strong financial support we’ve enjoyed and His provision of a new notebook computer! It is a great tool in this ministry and I am grateful.
Chris & family