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October 2007 News

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

God’s Divine Protection
Dear Friends
On September 14 at 2:15 PM Diane was exiting a shopping center at a stop light on her way to pick up the girls at their schools.  She was alone as she entered the intersection on a green light.  Not slowing down was another van whose driver was distracted and not looking ahead.  She ran the red light and crashed directly into Diane’s door of our 2000 Toyota Sienna minivan.  Diane spent the rest of the day at the hospital where a number of tests and x-rays showed no broken bones, just deep bruises, hyper-extended neck and a blow to the side of her head.  Everyone who has seen the van (which our insurance company declared a total loss) is amazed that Diane was not more severely injured.  She is convinced that God placed an angel between her and the other van to lessen the injuries.  We praise God for his protection and goodness. 

Diane spent the following week resting at home and slowly has begun to resume her activities.  She is still not quite able to get through an entire day without pain and is undergoing physical therapy on her neck. 

Please remember her in prayer as she continues to recuperate.  Praise God for His faithfulness to us!

Love Louisville
Our church was one of those involved with Love Louisville – a multi-church outreach effort on Saturday, October 6th.  We divided into 3 different groups and passed out bottles of cold water on that hot October day in Jesus’ name.  We went to a factory, an apartment complex and at a park.  Nueva Vida was also one of 3 churches invited to lead worship in the interdenominational, multicultural worship service in downtown Louisville during the afternoon.  It was an honor for our worship team and a joy to participate.  

Nueva Vida Praise Team at Love LouisvilleJhon DaríoThe Love Louisville T-Shirts

Jhon Darío
It’s like a fall rainstorm after months of drought; like a familiar face in a sea of strangers; like a Big Mac after 2 meals of broccoli salad and raw cauliflower.  That’s how I would describe the arrival of Jhon Darío! Jhon Darío is a young man from Armenia, Colombia (my team-mates Daniel Ramirez’s hometown).  He is a worship leader who also has the gift of equipping and training musicians and worship leaders.  He has been loaned to us for a few months and we are really excited about him being here.  He has already been a huge blessing to our congregation.  He is also giving me a break from keyboard which has allowed me to dust off my saxophone.  Please join us in prayer that God will use Jhon to help us raise up a whole new generation of worshippers!

Thanks so much for standing beside us in prayer, with your generous support and ongoing encouragement!  It is a joy to serve the King with you as our partners. 

Prayer Pointers
lPraise God for His protection of Diane during her car accident and for His continued goodness to us.
lPray for Nueva Vida’s attempts to “Leave the building” and have an impact on the community through events such as Love Louisville, our weekly tutoring program (starting this week for 5 weeks and then beginning again next semester); the medical clinics (weekly in Shelbyville and quarterly in Louisville).
lPraise God for the arrival of Jhon Darío to serve our church for these next months.  Pray that God uses him to help us raise up a new generation of worshippers and worship leaders for the Hispanic world.
lPraise God for another good month of financial support that included over $1000 in special gifts. 

Thank you for your prayers!