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November 2007 News

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

What Would Jesus Write in His Letter to Us?

We’ve been preaching through the 7 letters to the churches found in Revelation 2 and 3 for the past several weeks.  I have been thinking about what Jesus would say if He were writing a letter to our church today.  It is sobering to think about. As we see from His letters to the 7 churches of Asia, He is very concerned about spiritual apathy and the compromise of Biblical truth and Godly lifestyles.  In the letter to the church in Sardis Jesus told them to wake up! remember what they had learned and already received, to obey it and to repent – before it is too late.  We’re thrilled that the Lord used His letters to the churches to stir some of our flock to publicly confess their faith and devotion to Jesus as their Savior and Lord.  This past Sunday four of them were baptized.  It was a glorious day for our church and a time of rejoicing in Heaven.  

 Peggy is baptizedJaqui is baptizedKarina is baptizedRichard is baptized

Above – from Left: Peggy (from Colombia), Jacqui (from El Salvador), Karina (USA) and Richard  (from Peru) are baptized at Nueva Vida Christian Church – October 2007.

2007 Spiritual Life Retreat

We held our annual spiritual life retreat at White Mills Christian Camp, a beautiful facility on the Nolin River about 40 minutes from Louisville.  We were a little worried that our people would not be able to get off work (many work at least 2 jobs and almost always on Saturday). Thanks to the Lord, He came through for us in a wonderful way when 63 were able to arrange their schedules and make the trip the third week of October.  We had absolutely beautiful weather and enjoyed great teaching, fellowship, food, soccer and canoe rides on the river.  The highlight was the excellent teaching from Romans 12:1-3 that our team-mate Shani had prepared for us.  On Sunday we finished the experience with a call to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Nearly the entire church crowded to the front of the auditorium to receive prayer and acknowledge their commitment to a transformed life!  

Spiritual Life RetreatSamantha tutoring

Above Left: group picture of our Fall Spiritual Life Retreat

Above Right: Volunteer Samantha Whitlock helps out in our after-school tutoring program. 


Prayer Pointers for November

♦ Praise God for spiritual growth, new life and victories Nueva Vida has experienced this month.

♦ Praise God for the new contacts in the public schools through the tutoring outreach – join us in praying for much more fruit as we resume the program in the spring months.

♦ Praise God for the wonderful response and impact of the spiritual life retreat. Pray for continued growth as our members seek to live transformed lives.

♦ Praise God for the opportunity that has arisen for me this month to visit a factory and restaurant chain each week that has a number of Hispanic workers. I will serve as the chaplain and have the opportunity to offer pastoral counsel and make excellent contacts with unchurched people. 


Family Update 

On the home front Diane continues to heal nicely from the car accident in September.  She will probably finish physical therapy on her neck this month. As we reflect upon God’s goodness and provision this Thanksgiving season we are especially thankful to you for your faithful prayers and financial support.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris & family