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July Report

Saturday, July 12th, 2008

Summer Activities

Dear Friends. We had a wonderful 10 days of vacation in Florida that was a real gift from the Lord.  Since getting back we’ve been playing catch up – and this newsletter is going out about 10 days late as a result.  Here is an overview of how things are going with Team Expansion’s Louisville Hispanics Ministry. 

1) Nueva Vida Christian Church

The church is really doing well. Here is an update on some key areas.  

  • Attendance: The weekly attendance averaged 134 in March-May, which was a good increase from the weekly average of 118 in January and February.  Then the summer slump hit and the June average was under 100.  It has picked back up considerably now that we are in July.  We have been teaching a 9 week series on “The Fruit of the Spirit” from Galatians 5. I have really enjoyed preaching and hearing these sermons.  
  • Small Groups: Our Wednesday night home group ministry is growing. I have been teaching this summer in a home group that is ready to multiply.  We have averaged over 20 people every week.  I will be finishing a series on “Spiritual Maturity” in the next couple of weeks and at that time we will multiply the group.  I will take a portion of the group to another area of Eastern part of Louisville where we currently have no group but where many Hispanics live.  I will then seek to train someone to lead the group and I will move on to the next group.  
  • Discipleship Process: We have developed a four-part curriculum: Membership, Maturity, Ministry and Missions.  All new members of Nueva Vida are required to take the Membership class.  Everyone is encouraged to move on to the other 3 levels.  We are finishing the second level now and will begin teaching the third level this fall.  
  • Leadership Development: Our two leader families continue to be a huge blessing to us.  Tonight is our monthly meeting with them. We will have a time of worship and prayer and then planning and discussing where God is leading Nueva Vida. The men will be set aside as elders in the upcoming month, God willing, after they have finished the study “Biblical Leadership of Elders” by Alexander Strauch.  

2) He Visto la Luz Christian Church

I am not personally involved with this sister church but I mention them because Nueva Vida helped start this church 7 years ago and today our Team Expansion team-mate Gustavo Renovalez is on staff with them.  They are doing a great job of reaching out to the Hispanic population of South Louisville.  On July 26th they will be presenting an evangelistic musical drama in the parking lot of shopping center where they are located.  Please pray that many lives will be eternally impacted with the Gospel. 

3) Fern Creek Christian Church – Future Hispanic Church

This will be our third Hispanic sister church.  Our goal in 2001 was to start 5 Hispanic churches by 2011.  We will be holding a second Hispanic Medical Clinic outreach on August 2nd.  Our first event there in April was a huge success with about 300 people attending.  For our next event we have at least 8 doctors committed and dozens of other health workers including a dentist and students from the University of Louisville as well as their mobile cancer detection van.  Southeast and Fern Creek Christian churches have donated piles and piles of clothing and house-wares. We’re advertising in the Spanish newspaper and radio station. We’re praying that many lives are touched and that we’ll make solid contacts with families in the area for the future church there. Pictured: Nueva Vida’s “Northeast” Home Group – this group will be multiplying in coming weeks. Current members come from Peru, Panama, Mexico, Cuba, Venzuela, Argentina, Honduras, Nicarauga, Colombia and the US. 

Report from Emily in Jamaica 

Thanks for Praying for Emily’s Mission trip!  Emily writes: Thank you so much for helping me go to Jamaica. Most of our days were spent at schools. We prepared lessons of how God loves the Jamaican kids, since their culture doesn’t give a person very much worth. The lessons varied for ages, but usually contained a Bible verse, skit and activity. Then we would go outside and play with them. They clung to us and always wanted to be touching us every second. We loved playing with them. Our other days were spent at an orphanage, veterans home, and an infirmary. The orphanage had children from age 0-5. As soon as we walked in the door they were holding their arms up to be held. I loved the infirmary because I thought it would be hard for me to be around handicapped people. So that morning during are quiet time I was praying that God would help me with that. When I got there they were so easy to love. I didn’t even have to think about rubbing lotion on them. I made amazing friendships and loved every part of my trip.  Sincerely, Emily Bushnell   July Praise and Prayer Points


  •  Praise God for the continued growth of the Nueva Vida and He Visto La Luz churches. 
  •  Praise God for the opportunity start Team Expansion’s newest Hispanic outreach in the Fern Creek area of Louisville. Pray for open doors and hearts as we continue to lay the groundwork.
  •  Praise God for Emily’s experience in Jamaica.
  •  Please pray for our Hispanic Medical Clinic Outreach on August 2 in the Fern Creek area and for some solid contacts for potential members of this future Hispanic church.
  •  Please pray for my mom as she seeks to sell her home and move to Joplin Missouri next month in order to be near my brother’s family. Pray for strength and for God’s grace in re-establishing herself in a new place with a new church home and new friends.
  •  Praise God for His provision of a large annual gift in June from a family that really helped our finances!