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August 2008 Report

Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

Medical Clinic – Outreach Event   Dear Friends,It just keeps betting bigger and better!  Nueva Vida’s latest medical clinic and outreach event for the Hispanic community on August 2  saw 255 people registered to see a doctor (a 100% increase over the March clinic). Some people came in without signing up at the desk and went right to the clothing and food.  540 sandwiches were served compared to 430 in March. 70 people saw the dentist.  There were probably ten times more clothes than before.  One of the Nueva Vida ladies who was working the clothing tables, to keep them straightened,  had people coming up to her asking how much the clothing cost and she kept telling them it was Free,  Free!  Many, many people brought children to take advantage of the back to school physical exams. Volunteers had put together LOTS and LOTS of back to school bags with all the supplies that were so generously donated and ALL of the bags were distributed!I’m grateful to my Team Expansion team-mates Mike and Tara for working side by side with me to organize this event along with dozens of volunteers from Nueva Vida Christian Church who came out and served as interpreters, pastoral counselors and helpers.  We’re thankful to Southeast Christian Church for providing clothing and school supplies and to the many medical professionals that donated their Saturday to serving the community. A special thanks goes out to Fern Creek Christian Church who allowed us to use their building, provided tons of donated toys and clothing and over 40 volunteers who organized the donated items, cooked the hot dogs and hamburgers and helped with set up and clean up before/after the event.  What a great day of service to the community in the name of Jesus Christ.                TriageCancer Van Doctor WaitingGreetingInterpretingKidsClothing 

Prayer Pointers for August

l Praise God for the partnership of Fern Creek Christian Church, Southeast Christian Church, Mercy Medical Clinic and scores of volunteers who made this month’s outreach event such a success.  Pray that the seeds planted will do the following:

1) That those who came found true practical help and relief with the medications and medical diagnosis, donated clothing and toys and other services in Jesus’ name.

2) That those who came who do not know Christ and/or are not currently connected to His Body would be encouraged by the literature and personal invitations we gave them to take action.

3) That the invitations given to attend English classes at Fern Creek Christian Church’s location would result in a good group of contacts.

4) That these contacts would be receptive to attending a weekly Bible Study/worship service that would grow to be Team Expansion’s newest Hispanic church in partnership with Nueva Vida and Fern Creek Christian Church.

l Please pray for my team-mate Mike and me as we transition from working with Nueva Vida to serving as the church planters for this new work in the Fern Creek area of Louisville.

l Please pray for me as I study this fall. I am enrolled in 3 classes: a 40 hour training course for Medical Interpreters (4 Saturdays in August), a Biology class and Medical Terminology class at the local community college. I am hoping to complement our Hispanic outreach ministry with some specialized medical training.

l At the Bushnell house Tyler has started a full-time job with an electrical contractor and is hoping to become an apprentice.  Emily and Abbey are back in school and both playing for school volleyball teams.