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September 2008 Report

Saturday, September 20th, 2008

Fern Creek Work Launched. 

 First Service at Fern CreekEnglish Classs 

Left- first Bible Study/Worship at Fer Creek; Right – English Class

Dear Friends,

I’m happy to report that our team has officially launched a new partnership to plant our third Hispanic church in Louisville. On August 24 our team was introduced at both services of Fern Creek Christian Church and the elders laid hands on us and prayed for the formation of a new independent Hispanic church at their location. Our team has started English Classes on Tuesday nights and a worship/Bible study time on Wednesday evenings for the Hispanic community that for the Hispanic community that live in the Fern Creek Community. 

Hilda Pavel Wedding

Hilda & Pavel’s Wedding

On August 27 I finished my commitment to Nueva Vida’s Northeast small group by conducting a wedding for one of our families. Pavel is from Cuba and Hilda from Peru. It was a joy to celebrate together with the Northeast small group as this couple glorified God by making a lifelong commitment to God and one another.  

Eduardo’s Baptism 

Baptisms On Labor Day
Nueva Vida celebrated their annual picnic at Country Lake Retreat Center in Indiana on Labor Day, Sept. 1st. We had a great turn out of 75 or 80 people from over a dozen countries. The highlight was celebrating four baptisms in the pool. Throughout the summer I had opportunity of teaching Eduardo, a teenager and recent arrival from Peru. On this day we celebrated not only his decision to accept Christ as his Lord and Savior, but the decision of his mother, Angelica as well. Others baptized were Gerónimo y Alejandra, a couple from Mexico who had been married by my team-mate Mike Hook a couple of hours earlier. It was a great day!

James & Adriana in Africa 

 Nueva Vida in Africa?

Yes! This summer Nueva Vida members and leaders Jamey & Adriana Cash went to Africa on a medical missions trip. We were really proud of not only them, but the way that the people of Nueva Vida got behind them in financial support and prayers. They testimonies of how God used them to bring fresh water and treat several thousand patients was inspiring and blessing to our congregation.  

Back To School – Training for Future Medical Missions
In August I completed a 40 hour training for medical interpreters called Bridging the Gap. I continue to minister one day a week as an interpreter/pastoral counselor at our sister ministry’s medical clinic in Shelbyville. I also am taking 2 college classes this semester (Medical Terminology from Greek/Latin, and Intro to Biology as well as doing an Algebra independent study). I am taking these prerequisites classes in order to be able to apply to Physician Assistant School in a few years. As I look to the future I sense that the Lord is leading me to a ministry to Hispanics and others in need via medical missions. I will continue to take prerequisites classes part-time for the next few years while continuing to work fulltime with the Louisville Hispanic ministry. Please pray for me as I balance studies, ministry and family.
Financial Update
Dear Friends,
We are grateful to a very generous family that really believes in us and helped us get out of a pretty large hole with a $4000 gift in August.

Part of the problem arose this summer when we were notified by two of our supporting churches that they had to indefinitely suspend support due to financial challenges of their own. This is a drop of $525.00 each month.

In addition, we are experiencing increased expenses (as we all know, everything has gone up in price this year). This includes a monthly payment of $175 for my medical prerequisites.

All this means we need to raise about $1000 in new monthly support as soon as possible.

Thank you for considering this need.

Chris & Family