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October 2008 Report

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Worship Leading

One of my favorite things to do is to praise God! I especially enjoy playing an instrument and singing to the Lord. I have a number of Spanish worship CDs that I love to listen to in my car while driving. It’s been a joy over the years with Nueva Vida to be called on to play either sax, the key board or the guitar, depending on the need at the moment.

Right now there is a need for me to lead worship and play guitar. The need arose in this summer when our worship leader Jhon Dario had reentry problems while visiting his family in Colombia. We are working to raise up other Hispanic worship leaders from within Nueva Vida. Please pray with us that God raises up an entire generation of worshippers who seek Him in Spirit and truth. I am also leading worship at our new work in the Fern Creek area. As a missionary our goal is to work ourselves out of a job by raising up others to lead. That is my goal and prayer with the worship ministry at both Nueva Vida and Fern Creek.

Love Louisville

Love Louisville 2008

Nueva Vida and the new Fern Creek Hispanic ministry partnered together recently to do small acts of service in the name of Christ. We passed out free soft drinks and water at parks and invited a lot of folks to our free English classes. We had a great time serving together.

Los Mejia

Meet the Mejias

Earlier this year I introduced you to James and Martha Atwell. This month I want to share the story of Alfonso and Alba Mejia. We recently started a new sermon series based on the book of Samuel on Leadership and we will be finishing the series by recognizing James and Alfonso officially as elders. We are thrilled to have reached this milestone with Nueva Vida.

Thanks to teammate Tara Woolard who helped write the following bio.

Alba and Alfonso both grew up in Panama. Because they attended different schools, they had never met until a mutual friend from high school played “matchmaker.”Alfonso, a mature young man, was very focused on his studies. Alba was quiet, but quite mature due to her parents not being around in her latter years of high school. Her mother, a faithful Christian woman, raised Alba and her siblings, but needed to leave the family for the U.S. in order to take care of personal business and prepare a way for her family to come and join her. Alba, her sisters, and brother had to grow up quickly with her mom away.

Alba recalls the day she first met Alfonso. She was cleaning her house when this mutual friend dropped in for a visit with Alfonso. There was Alba in her dirty cleaning clothes meeting her future husband! Though she was embarrassed, it did not deter the relationship and five years later Alfonso and Alba were married. Soon, they were in the United States along with the rest of her family. Alba began attending church in California where she was baptized and began truly growing in her relationship with Christ. Alfonso, on the other hand, had not yet accepted Christ. Alba’s small group at church began to pray that God would change Alfonso’s heart. Alba, through a series of sermons and Bible studies, came to realize she also needed to make some changes and prayed “Lord, change me first and let me be a witness to my husband.” God answered her prayer, and soon her husband and daughter accepted Christ and were baptized on the same day!

Through a series of events and Alfonso’s need for work, the family thought they would be returning to Panama, but on the very day of their flight Alfonso received a call from the company he had previously worked for in California. They wanted him to get their plant running smoothly in Louisville.Once in Louisville, they prayed about finding a church family. They soon learned about Nueva Vida and have been active in service to the Lord ever since. What a blessing they have been. Alfonso and Alba both serve as leaders of a home Bible study, Alfonso is the coordinator of our Ushers Ministry, and will soon join Jim Atwell as one of our first elders. Alba is involved in the Women’s Ministry, Greeting Team, and sings in our Praise Team. Please pray that God would continue to bless Nueva Vida with more Kingdom workers such as the Atwells and the Mejias!

Prayer Pointers

♦Praise God for the blessing of using our talents for the Lord’s Kingdom. Pray that God raises up other Latino worship leaders to lead this generation and the next one to the throne of Grace.

♦Pray for the seeds that were planted during “Love Louisville” that they would reap an abundant harvest.

♦Praise God for Alfonzo and Alba and for their leadership in the Nueva Vida congregation. Pray that God would bless them and the Atwells as we set them apart as leaders.

♦Praise God for His abundant provision again in September. In addition to our regular monthly support (which is currently $1000 under budget each month) we had special gifts totaling $3500 from individuals this month. We continue to seek new monthly support and appreciate so much the special and one-time gifts.  

Family Update:

♦Tyler is working for an electrical contractor and enjoying it. He’s also delivering pizzas for Pizza Hut.

♦Emily just finished volleyball season. Yesterday she played in a Powder-Puff Football game (sophomores versus the juniors). Don’t ask who won, but she survived!  Diane and I sure enjoyed watching it!

♦Abbey just finished volleyball and is now cheering for the 5th grade! Both girls are hard workers in school! We’re proud parents!

Friends, thanks so much for your prayers and support. We are deeply grateful!

Chris & family