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January 2009 Report

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Hispanic Ministry:  2008 In Review

Dear Friends
It has been another good year for our family and ministry, and we are filled with gratitude and awe of God’s blessings, guidance and provision. For me personally it has been a special year of a deepening faith and love for God. I am deeply blessed with a loving faithful wife and 3 great kids. I cherish the relationships God has granted me with many precious Hispanic people, American friends, generous and encouraging supporters, and the finest teammates I could imagine.

Here are a few highlights of 2008 in our Hispanic ministry, from my perspective:

Nueva Vida Christian Church
1) Growth in leadership
A real milestone in 2008 was the ordination of our first 2 elders at Nueva Vida (photo below). Jim and Alfonso are Godly men who are modeling a life of faith, service and love.

 Ordination of First Elders

2) Growth in numbers
Nueva Vida passed the 200 mark for the first time (not in average attendance, but in one Sunday service).
Our average for the year was just over 120 per Sunday. The good news is the church continues to grow in numbers, even though we continue to have an instable base with Nueva Vida families moving to other cities, returning to their home countries or changing jobs that conflict with our service and study times.

Baptisms Last Sunday of 2008 

Luis (from Paraguay), Camilo and Maria Isabel (from Colombia) were the latest to make decisions for Christ and be baptized on the last Sunday of the year.

3) Preparing for the Next Phase
We are grateful for our American church host who rents us their building Sunday afternoons, but Nueva Vida is preparing for the next phase of ministry. We knew our arrangement was temporary. We are actively pursuing the next phase and asking God for wisdom about where He wants our church and how we can best impact the Hispanic community in the Northeast part of Louisville.

Fern Creek Outreach – New Work Launched!
2008 will always be a special year in the life of Team Expansion’s newest church planting efforts among Louisville Hispanics in the Fern Creek area of Louisville. The work was launched by staging 2 large-scale medical outreaches and weekly English classes, partnering with Fern Creek Christian Church in southeast Louisville.

The Tuesday night English class and Wednesday night worship service at Fern Creek touched dozens of lives as we work to establish a Hispanic church there.

 School Physicals

Hundreds of Hispanics received school physicals, general exams, dental checks, food and clothing through two large health clinic events at Fern Creek.

Further Medical Mission Work
On a personal note 2008 marked a decisive time in my life as I sensed the Lord calling me to future medical mission work. In addition to completing a Medical Interpretation class and serving as an interpreter once a week at a free clinic and returning for a week in Piedras Negras, Mexico, I also began finishing pre-requisites that I need in order to apply to Physician Assistant school. I completed a Biology and Medical Terminology class last semester and am taking Chemistry/Lab and College Algebra this semester. Whew! Jesus, please come quickly – haha.

Prayer and Praise Pointers for January 2009
* Praise God for His goodness, faithfulness and guidance in 2008. Praise Him for the spiritual and numerical growth of Nueva Vida, the birth of the Fern Creek ministry, and opportunities for outreach He has given us.
* Please pray for God’s provision of a permanent location for Nueva Vida in 2009.
* Praise God for a successful fall semester with my pre-medical studies and join me in praying for His grace this semester, for time to study and ability to learn.

Thank you SO MUCH for your prayers and ABUNDANT generosity with us in 2008. We continue to be amazed at God’s gracious provision!

In Christian Love,

Chris & family