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February 2009 Report

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

The Harvest Continues!

Dear Friends,
I remember being in Argentina in 1996 when the country’s economy was strong, confidence was high and spiritual receptivity was extremely low. Our team helped plant a church in a needy part of the city that summer, but unfortunately, the church had to close its doors two years later. Then the economy in Argentina went bad and suddenly, churches began experiencing revival as the spiritual receptivity flowed again and people turned to God for their sustenance.
Perhaps our country’s economic problems are having a similar effect on our ministry, or perhaps it is just the fruit of faithful planting and watering over time. Regardless of the factors, we are seeing God’s blessing on the Nueva Vida congregation in amazing ways. Couples and individuals, parents and children are stepping forward week after week to confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and to be baptized in His name. Almost every Sunday since the end of December we have had baptisms. God is good and we praise Him for the fruit that He is producing in our lives!


Nidia – from Panama, Juan and Elsa from Guatemala


Julio, Yolanda & their son Jaxiel are from Cuba. 


Genaro is from Mexico

David and Briana

David and Briana make the Good Confession before their baptisms.

God’s Amazing Creation
In my Chemistry class I learned an amazing fact about the number and smallness of the atom. Believe it or not, in one teaspoon of water there are more atoms than there are teaspoons of water in the Atlantic Ocean! Wow. Our universe is so immense – in both directions!
I’m enjoying the classes I’m taking, but I have to be honest. I don’t think I’ve ever been more challenged in my life. Learning Spanish seems easy to me now, in comparison to the math and science I’m tackling. I’m making progress and seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I’m so grateful to my teammates who are taking up the slack for me at the Nueva Vida office so that I can pursue the goal of medical missions. Please keep praying for me!

Pray for Medical Clinic
Our first city wide medical clinic outreach will be held on March 7th. Please pray for our efforts to bless the community, meet real needs in Jesus’ name and plant seeds for the Gospel. Pray that we’ll have a sufficient number of doctors and caregivers that will be adequate for the response on that day.

Medical Missions trip to Piedras Negras Mexico – March 14-21.
I’ll be returning to Mexico for the fourth year with a group of PA (Physician Assistant) students from the University of Kentucky during our Spring Break week. I serve as an interpreter and pastoral counselor for the medical team. Thanks so much for your prayers and financial support that make this trip and our ministry possible!

Update from Team Expansion’s President
Doug Lucas, the founder and president of Team Expansion, reports, “Through God’s power and your support, we’re now at work in nearly 50 nations around the globe for His glory. Meanwhile, back at our sending base in Louisville, Kentucky, the organization is poised to move onto a new 61-acre campus (on March 10th). If you’d like to attend the dedication on March 28th, stop by for the latest info, or drop us an email at We’d love to welcome you! It’s fitting that the first building we built is a Prayer Center. Join us in lifting it up and dedicating it to God as a new fulcrum to recruit, send, and prepare workers for the world! And thanks again for making possible the work of your favorite Team Expansion worker!” Doug Lucas

Prayer and Praise Update for February 2009

Praise God for the spiritual fruit we are seeing in Nueva Vida. Pray that God continues to transform lives.

Please pray for God’s answer for Nueva Vida as we aggressively seek a new location for our Sunday services.
● Please pray for my math and science classes – good management of my study time, for ability to understand and retain the information.
● Please pray for our medical outreach clinic with Fern Creek Christian church and for growth and fruit with the Hispanic ministry there.
● Praise God for His protection for our family during the ice storm and then extreme cold that hit our state. We never lost power at our house, though our offices did. The majority of our Hispanic families were unaffected, though some had to find refuge with others. School was out of session for a week so our kids will be making up lost school days at the beginning of June. Thanks to those of you who were thinking of us!

God bless you!

Chris & family