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April 2009

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Mexico – Spring 2009
Dear Friends,
I had the privilege of traveling to Piedras Negras, Mexico with Crossroads Missions again this year to serve as an interpreter for the annual medical outreach. This was my fourth year to serve and it was a privilege once again to work alongside dedicated caregivers to the people of Mexico. I served with a group of Physician Assistant students from the University of Kentucky along with other doctors, nurses, youth workers and interpreters. Our team members came from Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan, Missouri and Nebraska! Each day we held medical outreaches in different community centers around the area of Piedras Negras and one day we saw inmates in a federal prison. All together we treated more than 550 patients over the course of these 5 days. The patients not only received medical care and needed medicine, but pastoral care and prayer in Jesus’ name. Thank you for your support and prayers that allowed me to go.
Interpreting in Mexico  Sara

We saw a lot of viral infections and rashes. One of the more interesting cases was of a 45 year old woman who has been to many doctors over the past 2 years because of what she thought were re-occurring ear infections that were causing a growing sense of dizziness and problems with walking. Our doctors put their heads together and decided that her problem was not being causes by ear infections, but rather a possible acoustic neuroma (a benign tumor in her inner ear). She’ll need more tests to confirm it, and our contacts there are going to make sure she gets them. She was in tears – partly due to the idea of a tumor, but partly due to relief to finally have a better idea of what might be causing her problems. If you would like to pray for Minerva, I hope to find out how she is doing and will let you know.

    Children3   Children1

 Children9   Children9

While we were conducting the clinics our youthworkers were keeping the kids busy – and happy with a variety of activities.

Prayer and Praise –April 2009
l Praise God for the seeds our team planted in Piedras Negras – and ask that God would use to make an eternal difference. Pray for healing for Minerva.
l Praise God for the victorious move for Nueva Vida to her new home with New Life Church in Louisville.
l Please pray for spiritual and numerical growth with the new Fern Creek Hispanic ministry.
l Praise God for His help with my classes – just a few more weeks to go in this semester.
Thanks so much for your support!
Chris & family

Additional Note:

Dear Friends,
You will see on the monthly expense report each month is line 740 “Int’l Services Office Donation.” This expense is a donation to Team Expansion’s home office for all the work they do to recruit, promote, and oversee the global work of Team Expansion. So, if you are supporting the Bushnells with Team Expansion, you are also helping out the home office of Team Expansion with our small monthly donation.

The folks at International Services (Team Expansion’s home office) outgrew their current cramped building and have now moved to their new location – a beautiful place called “Emerald Hills” (pictured below). The hope is to build not only office space, but a retreat and training center. You can read more at

Emerald Hills 

Now, I’ve been asked by Team Expansion’s president to find 9 people who would be willing to share two $100 donations with Team Expansion’s Home Office each year for the next 3 years. Not surprisingly, with the increasing costs of construction along with the state of the economy, in order to finish the job of the new office, some more funding is needed.

We’re so grateful for your generous support of our ministry.
And, if you feel God is calling you to help out the Int’l Services with a couple of donations this year, you can contact me or even better, just log on to and fill in my name where it asks you who told you about this need so they’ll know I’ve reached my goal of 9 people.

Thanks so much!