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May 2009

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Fern Creek
Dear Friends
The Hispanic community in the Fern Creek area of Louisville continues to grow and we are encouraged by the potential of a strong Hispanic church as we partner with Fern Creek Christian Church.  Our attendance fluctuates quite a bit from week to week, but our commitment remains strong as we are convinced that more than anything else, man’s greatest needs are only met in the Body of Christ. To be connected to Christ – the Vine – is the only hope for mankind. Please keep praying for my teammate Mike and me as we seek to teach God’s Word and lead the precious souls to a saving relationship with Christ.

Fern Creek - April 2009 

My Team Expansion team-mate Mike Hook (pictured on right) and I are leading the future church plant that meets at Fern Creek Christian Church.

Update on Classes
Thanks for your prayers for me as I continue preparing myself for a new phase of ministry through medical outreach. I’m happy to report that I was able to finish strong and received all As with my Chemistry, Chemistry Lab and College Algebra classes. These classes were some of the toughest challenges I’ve ever faced – and I give all the credit to God for helping me finish well. My Chemistry II class will start June 10th.

Free Medical Clinic – Shelbyville Kentucky
It is usually one of my favorite days of each week – time spent meeting needs at the free medical clinic in Shelbyville for the underserved population. Being a Christian clinic we are allowed talk with patients about the need to be both physically and spiritually healthy. We are able to pray for them and help them get plugged in to a local church near where they live. Not only do I serve as a pastoral counselor and Spanish interpreter, the clinic medical staff have been teaching me to do some routine medical procedures under their watchful care – drawing blood, giving injections, checking vital signs, etc. I’m impressed with the value of meeting real physical needs and touching lives spiritually, at the same time. I can’t help but think this is one example of holistic ministry Christ is calling us to do wherever we are.

Nueva Vida Congregation – Thriving In New Home
It’s with mixed emotions as I share with you that the Nueva Vida congregation has reached a milestone. I think it is like a parent who is grappling with the “empty nest.” On the one hand- there is so much pride in the accomplishments of the child who has departed the nest in order to make his own mark on the world. But, on the other hand, there is a sense of loss and sadness at what will never be again. Fortunately, the joy overshadows the sadness! Nueva Vida is flourishing under the leadership of our elders and Pastor Daniel Ramirez. And so the time is right for me to transition away from ministry with Nueva Vida.

I will always cherish these years of service to the Lord with Nueva Vida. Whether it was preaching, teaching, youth ministry or worship leading – I am grateful for the privilege to serve the Lord through Nueva Vida alongside such wonderful teammates.

Financial Challenge 
We’ve been through financially difficult and faith-stretching periods many times before in the 17 years I have served full-time with Team Expansion. Last Friday we were informed that one of our supporting churches dropped their support from $500 to $100 a month; we also know that another church will be dropping their $500 monthly support in December. A few of our individuals have been unable to give – or unable to give the same amount as before. We all know that these are possibly some of the worst economic conditions we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Yet, we know without a doubt that God is faithful and if He has called us then He will provide for that call. That’s been one comforting aspect of living on support – the knowledge that if we weren’t doing what God wanted us to do, we would quickly know it! Because without God’s divine intervention, we would be sunk. As for our expenses, we have suspended the $200 monthly retirement investment and are looking for other areas we can cut. Please pray for God’s guidance, for His provision – and that it all be for His glory.

Prayer Pointers
l Please pray for God’s guidance and blessing on the Fern Creek outreach: for Godly Hispanic leaders to be trained and raised up to serve, for those needing to make commitments to the Lord and accept His grace.
l Praise God for His grace in helping me do well with my classes, and for His continued guidance and grace with upcoming classes.
l Praise God for the work of Mercy Medical clinic in Shelbyville –and for the dozens of volunteers who make it happen every day. Please pray that many will hear the good news of the Gospel there and find their ultimate healing in a Christ.
l Praise God for the progress of Nueva Vida Christian Church in becoming a Hispanic lead congregation that is making a difference in the community and around the world. 
l Give thanks to God with us for His faithful provision of our needs every month for 17 years. Pray that we would be faithful stewards of what He provides and continue to trust in His plan and timing for our lives and ministry.
Thank you!

Thank you so much for your partnership!

Chris & family