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August 2009 Report

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Latest Hispanic Medical Clinic Outreach Event

Dear Partners in the Gospel,
We thank God for the opportunity to touch the lives of hundreds of Louisville area Hispanics on August 1. We had 251 people who registered and were able to see a health care provider including 20 women were screened for breast cancer thanks to the University of Louisville’s mobile mammography van. Others came and were not able to see a doctor but benefited from a variety of donated clothing, school supplies and a meal – 530 hot sandwiches were served!  All received a warm welcome and conversation in their own language and were invited to our worship services, Bible studies and English class. Many of those who saw a doctor utilized our services for filling out school physicals. With each doctor or nurse practitioner was one of our volunteer interpreters who also prayed for each patient and encouraged them to seek to be spiritually healthy as well as physically healthy. We provided pastoral counseling to some patients who in particular needed and desired a special touch. Those patients with ongoing health needs were referred to our partner ministry Mercy Medical Clinic in Shelbyville.

This is the fourth year that our ministry has provided this twice annual clinic and we are deeply grateful to Fern Creek Christian for the use of their facility, and for providing donated clothing and school supplies. Dozens of their volunteers sorted clothing, served hamburgers and hot dogs, and helped with set up and clean up. We are grateful to Nueva Vida Christian Church for providing volunteer interpreters and counselors, and to Mercy Medical Clinic and nearly 20 doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, and a dentist who gave of their valuable time and talent to make this event possible. 



Interpreting - pastoral care

Medical Prerequisites Update
Whew, I finished with Chemistry II and lab, and after a week break I start on Monday, August 17 with my next semester of classes. After discussing the situation with my supervisors at Team Expansion (Field Coordinator Tom Chamberlin, and president Doug Lucas) I have decided to take a full load of classes in the upcoming two semesters. The reason for accelerating even more my prerequisites is because of a Physician Assistant school I have learned about in Nashville, TN. By taking the full load of classes I will be able to apply this fall, and PERHAPS start as soon as May 2010 in this program. We decided it was worth the effort in order to get in and out of PA school one or two years sooner. Although I will continue to help with the Fern Creek Hispanic church planting efforts and the Shelbyville clinic, I will be focusing mainly on my classes in upcoming months and I will be entering what Team Expansion calls “Educational Furlough” that will extend throughout the time that I am a fulltime PA student. Our financial support needs for our salary will continue throughout this time of Educational Furlough. In fact, I need to raise more as we’ve lost some this year and will lose $500 a month from Southeast Christian Church at the end of 2009. However, our plan is to get a job as a PA after I finish PA school and continue serving with Team Expansion as a “tent-making missionary.”
So, if you are currently supporting us monthly – thank you SO MUCH! If you can continue to do so, by God’s grace, throughout the next 3 years or so, we would be so grateful.
If you are not currently supporting us monthly, would you consider making a monthly commitment, by God’s grace, to our ministry for approximately the next 3 years while we are in “educational furlough?” This would allow me to continue the course of study and then, by God’s grace, get a job as a PA that would allow me to provide for my family, pay off the student loans we’ll be incurring, and continue ministering with Team Expansion as a medical missionary.

Prayer Pointers
l Praise God for another successful medical outreach event and for the wonderful partners (Fern Creek Christian Church, Nueva Vida Christian Church, Mercy Medical Clinic, UofL Brown Cancer Center and dozens of medical volunteers). Please pray that the seeds of faith and love that were planted will bear a harvest of righteousness and joy in God’s Kingdom.
l Praise God for the opportunity through this “Educational Furlough” to prepare myself for another aspect of ministry.  Please pray that I will be able to successfully handle the full load of classes this fall (Biology II and lab, Microbiology and lab, Developmental Psychology).
l Please for God’s grace and strength as I apply to Physician Assistant School this fall – and that His will be done in His perfect timing.
l Please pray for God’s provision of an additional $2000 in monthly support needed for the upcoming 3 years of educational furlough to meet our salary, insurance, and ministry expenses. 

As always, thank you so much for your prayers, partnership and friendship.

Chris & family