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November 2009

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!
Dear Friends
We are so grateful for your support and prayers throughout the years. That is true each and every month – not just when we stop as a country to be thankful. God has been so good to us – much more than we deserve! This letter comes with a prayer from us to each of you – that this season of Thanksgiving be very special to you.

PA Prerequisites
In October I continued to focus mainly on my 5 science classes (prerequisites for applying to Physician Assistant School). One of my professors is a very engaging and enjoyable teacher who knows Biology frontwards and backwards. You name the plant, animal, or microorganism and he can talk all day about it. He also is convinced the theory of natural selection explains how the universe as we know it came to be.  Sadly, he sincerely believes the idea of God is something that humans invented. My heart is heavy for him – for what he is missing out on in this life and for his eternal destiny. I pray that God might use me to point my professor friend to God.

Preaching in Cincinnati
In October I had the privilege of preaching at Glen Este Church of Christ in Cincinnati as they celebrated their 25th anniversary. We served as their youth/associate minister while I attended graduate school in Cincinnati from 1989 to 1992. It was great to see old friends and to rejoice with the church over what God has done there.

Tragedy in the Nueva Vida Family
Tragedy has struck one our Nueva Vida families. Fausto, Margarita and their 2 children are from Mexico. They have been active with Nueva Vida for about 2 years. In June of this year both Fausto and Margarita made public confessions of their faith in Christ and were baptized.
On Sunday, November 8th, Margarita was driving with her two children to visit family in Iowa when she lost control of her van. Margarita perished in the accident. The two year old son escaped with minor injuries, but the 8 year old girl, Daniela, suffered head trauma and was airlifted to the hospital. They performed surgery to relieve the pressure on her brain and she is now in stable condition (as of today, November 14). Please pray for God’s comfort and for healing of Daniela. We are so thankful that Margarita’s destiny is sure, based upon her trust in Christ.

Margarita - baptized June 7

Pastor Daniel baptizes Margarita on June 7, 2009

Daniela is recovering in a hospital in Iowa City, IA

Daniela, 8 years old, is recovering in a hospital in Iowa City, IA.

Plans for 2010 and beyond
We are currently investigating an opportunity for medical ministry with Team Expansion and a partner ministry that  could possibly open up for me next month. I plan to continue to knock out the pre-requisites for PA school, but dropping back to just one class, Anatomy and Physiology I, next semester. A final decision should be made in the next few days – so please pray for God’s guidance and will to be done. I hope to share with you more details next month.

Prayer Pointers for November
l Please pray for the family of Margarita as they mourn her passing, and for her daughter, Daniela, as she recovers in the hospital in Iowa. Her dad, Fausto, is at her side as I write this.
l Last month I shared that Emily endured the H1N1 flu. Shortly after I wrote that both Abbey and Diane came down with it too. They were pretty miserable for a week or so, but everyone is healthy now!
l Please pray for discernment and guidance from the Lord with the medical ministry opportunity with Team Expansion and a partner ministry. I hope to be able to share more details next month.
l This time next month I will be finished with this tough semester of classes. I need to finish strong in order to maintain my GPA. PA schools are very competitive, on average receiving around 500 applications each year for approximately 40 spots! Please pray for perseverance and focus. Thank you!

Thanks so much for your prayers, financial support and encouragement. We are truly grateful!

In Christian love,

Chris & family