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December 2009

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your support in 2009. We are truly grateful. I just finished what was probably the most difficult semester of my life academically. I praise God for the perseverance and strength He gave me. I have just 3 classes remaining to be finished with the prerequisites for applying to Physician Assistant School. I’ll be taking Anatomy and Physiology I and Lab next semester.

The big news this month concerns the Christian free medical clinic where I have served as a volunteer interpreter and pastoral counselor for the past 6 years. The goal of this clinic is both physical and spiritual healing in the lives of our patients. It was there that I was inspired to embark on the journey of becoming a Christian Physician Assistant, God willing. Our previous administrator’s last day was December 6 in order to become a full-time mom. I stepped in as the new Clinic Administrator on December 11th.

This new ministry opportunity is a partnership between Team Expansion and Operation Care (the overseeing ministry of the clinic). The clinic will be providing most of our monthly salary while Team Expansion will provide for our benefits, housing, education, and ministry expenses. God’s timing and provision, once again, is perfect. With the cessation of support this month of Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Calvary Christian in Omaha, NE, and the loss of support from other significant individual contributors, the support from Operation Care should just about cover the need. So, if you are currently supporting us, we ask you to continue to do so, as God provides, while we continue this journey of faith. My path to PA school and eventual goal of tentmaking has been slowed a bit by this opportunity, but we are convinced it is exactly where God wants us. The ministry at the clinic is important in the economy of God’s kingdom, reaching the “least of these, my brothers.” It is also a fabulous opportunity for me to gain experience in the clinic setting that will serve me very, very well in the future once I apply to PA school.  

Prayer Pointers for December
l Thanks for praying for little Daniela who was seriously injured in an automobile accident that took the life of her mom, Margarita in November. She is at home now and continues her recuperation. She suffered head trauma and has a long road to complete recovery.
l Thanks so much for praying for me as I finished up finals and research papers. God is faithful!
l Please pray for wisdom and strength as I begin a challenging ministry as Clinic Administrator of the Christian free clinic in Shelbyville, KY.
l Praise God with us for His perfect provision and timing.

Family update

Bushnell Family 2009 

Abbey is in the sixth grade and enjoying life as a middle-schooler! She plays for the school volleyball team and will play for the church team this winter. Abbey has adopted our neighbors’ two border collies. She and Chris play “tennis” with them almost every day (we hit the ball and they retrieve it and bring it back to us).
Emily is a junior in high school and is driving her brother’s old car now. She and Abbey did a 6-hour thorough cleaning to get the “boy smells” out ot if. She played for the varsity volleyball team this year which won Districts but lost in Regionals to the eventual State champion runner-up. Emily is a leader in the church youth group as well as with her school’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes club. She went on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic last summer and served at Disabilities Camp and is also working in disabilities childcare at church. With disabilities ministry, it appears, she may have found a passion and direction for future training.

Tyler is living on his own in a nearby apartment and still working for a Christian electrician as a driver, picking up parts from the suppliers and taking them to the various job sites. He is waiting for his chance to get in the Apprentice program for future electricians.

Diane continues working as a substitute teacher at Abbey’s school and involved with the Women’s ministry at church. She spends a good deal of her day as our family official chauffer but the task should lighten significantly now that Emily will be driving herself.

May God bless each of you richly in this special season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

The Bushnell Family