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January 2010

Monday, January 18th, 2010

A Look Back at 2009
Dear Friends,
It’s always good to take a look back at the previous year – and once again we have so much for which to be thankful.
1) Nueva Vida Christian Church
When we started 2009 I was filling in as worship leader for Nueva Vida, we were on a deadline for finding a permanent facility, and our missionary team was still the leadership team along with our newly appointed elders. As we begin 2010 Nueva Vida is lead by the two godly elders and missionary/pastor Daniel Ramirez. We have amazing worship leaders, a family from Colombia. Nueva Vida has a wonderful new home in partnership with New Life church in Louisville. The area home groups are thriving.  As for me, I will always be grateful for the 8 years I was blessed to serve with Nueva Vida and I dearly love those precious people.

2) Fern Creek Church Plant Moving Forward
My team-mate Mike Hook continues to dedicate himself tirelessly to evangelizing and teaching the Word to the Fern Creek area Hispanics. The Fern Creek work still just meets on Wednesday nights due to Sunday space limitations. The partnership with Fern Creek Christian Church is thriving and we expect great things in 2010. I enjoyed leading worship at Fern Creek in 2009.

3) Medical Training – Difficult but Successful Year.
I’m grateful to Team Expansion and my team-mates who allowed me to focus on my studies in 2009. I was able to finish the year with a 3.9 GPA which is essential for my future studies. I learned so much and absolutely stand in awe of God’s power and majesty that can be seen in “what has been made.” The order and complexity of this universe is simply beyond human capacity to fathom. How can anyone can study science and believe it all happened by chance? I lack just 3 classes to be able to apply to Physician Assistant School, if God opens that door. I’ll be just taking one class per semester for the next 3 semesters.

Mercy Medical Facility

                             Mercy Medical Clinic
In addition to a waiting room, offices, lab, & kitchen we have
medical exam rooms and 2 dental chairs.

4) Ministry Opportunity with Mercy Medical
For the last 6 years I have always looked forward to Thursday, the day I volunteered as an interpreter and pastoral counselor at Mercy Medical, a free Christian clinic in Shelbyville, KY. The clinic provides services to anyone who is without medical insurance. When I started as a volunteer in 2003 we were just open on Thursdays. Now, Mercy Medical is open 6 days a week.

In 2009 we had 5580 patient visits involving 1453 different patients, of which 50% were Spanish speakers. They came from 19 counties in Kentucky and Indiana. In 2009 dozens of different volunteer doctors, nurses, lab techs, interpreters, counselors, and office helpers donated 5580 volunteer hours. That’s pretty cool!

Thanks to a partnership with Team Expansion and the board of Mercy Medical on December 11, 2009 I began serving as Mercy Medical’s administrator. This opportunity allows me to continue to make a difference in the Hispanic community as well as the community at large. We are reaching out in Christ’s name to those with the greatest needs in our area. We are able to counsel and pray with our patients in addition to helping them medically. We believe that God created human beings a unity of body and spirit – and if either of the two is unhealthy the person is unhealthy.

It is truly a pleasure to be able to help others in practical and tangible ways. And, it is a pleasure to have the freedom to be able to minister to the soul of our patients.

As you pray for me I would appreciate it if you asked God to fill me with wisdom and understanding as I administer the day to day activities of the clinic and the recruiting and retaining of volunteers. Also, ask God to help me balance the ministry at the clinic with my ongoing medical studies. This semester I will be studying Anatomy and Physiology.

Final 2009 Financial Update

Thank you for your generous support in 2009! We are truly grateful and thankful to each of you. We say goodbye this month to two faithful partners. We want to thank Calvary Christian Church in Bellevue, NE, supporters of ours since 1992 and Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, faithful supporters since 1999. Without them we would not have been able to do our work with the home office of Team Expansion nor with the Louisville Hispanic Outreach. The amount of their support is equal to the amount that Mercy Medical will be able to provide each month. We know that is no accident – rather the providential provision of our loving heavenly Father. What a blessing and encouragement to us!

Thanks so much for your help and for your prayers in 2009. May God be glorified in 2010!
Chris & family