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March 2010

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Stories from the Clinic

Dear Friends,
Once again we’ve had a busy month at the Christian medical clinic, seeing approximately 400 patients. Here are some stories from this month that I would like to share. 

♦Last month I shared about two nurse practitioners who are close friends that had visited our clinic to get to know us and sign up as volunteer providers. I told you that one said she felt goose bumps when she walked in and knew that it was a special place. Well, two days later one of them, Lenora, had gone to the hospital for a routine outpatient procedure. She had planned to be at our clinic the following week for two days to see patients along with her good friend. Sadly, there were very unforeseen complications and she passed away while at the hospital. She was only 50 years old. Please say a prayer for the family of Lenora, her husband and four daughters. Yesterday her friend came to serve at the clinic. It was the first time she had been there since the day she and Lenora visited. She did a great job for us. There were some tears, and there are still a lot of questions. Sometimes we have to continue to praise God and remember that He is still on His throne – even when the questions seems to be shouting louder than the answers.

♦ Let me tell you about G who is only 17 years old. He and this twin brother were born in Mexico. His mother later married an American guy  and they now live in Louisville. G. and his brother are great students and perfectly bilingual. They both look like they could play on their high school football team.  G. developed type I diabetes and needs to give himself expensive insulin shots every day. G. parents can’t afford health insurance and G. doesn’t qualify for Medicaid. So, he comes to our clinic. We were able to enroll G. in a Patient Assistance Program that provides free insulin. They are so grateful.

♦ S is a very likable guy. He is a construction worker who has spent time in prison for not paying child support. He is also a diabetic who needs insulin shots. He hasn’t been able to get steady work since the construction industry has been so weak. We were able to give him some medicine that had been donated to our clinic while we apply for Patience Assistance that would allow him to have access to his needed medicine. He’s been hard to reach since he can’t afford a cell phone and lives with different friends. I’ve had to send him messages through his various friends. S and I have had some good conversations about developing a relationship with Christ and the importance of feeding our souls. Since we are a unity of body and spirit if either our body or our spirit is unhealthy then we are unhealthy – and only God can heal the soul. In fact, we choose to give God the credit for healing our bodies. We have a sign on the clinic’s front door that says, “Doctors can diagnose, but God heals.”

♦ T is another patient who was in our clinic recently who is also a construction worker. T had an accident with a skill saw and had a huge cut on his leg that had gotten infected. He came in to the clinic barely able to walk. Our volunteer doctor that day was able to help him. As he was getting ready to leave the doctor said, “you know, let’s draw some blood before you leave.” JD was our volunteer that day to draw blood (I told you about him last month). JD is an EMT and great guy who is on fire for the Lord. He just returned from Haiti where he had served earthquake victims. JD started asking questions and they began a conversation which lead JD to ask him, “so, do you know the Lord?” The blood draw took a little more time that day while JD took time to explain to his new friend the plan of salvation. T prayed with JD while sitting in the lab and asked Christ to be his Lord and Savior. We have Bibles, tracts and brochures introducing patients to solid local churches (both American and Hispanic churches). It’s pretty common for patients to come with one need in mind (their physical ailment), only to leave with the more pressing  need – their spiritual need – being addressed while at our clinic. By the way, the next time I saw T was the following week when he came back for a brief checkup. He had a huge smile on this face and when I asked him how he was doing he said, “Better than I ever thought possible, thanks to God.”  Stories like his really motivate us to continue serving every day.

March Prayer Pointers
♦ God seems to be blessing us with some great new volunteers at Mercy Medical. In the past month we’ve had over a dozen new nurses, interpreters, providers and front office wokers begin working with us. Most are coming once a month, some much more often. We have over 120 people who are on our active list of volunteers. Please join me in thanking God for these wonderful people and asking that they may continue to bless and be blessed.
♦ Please pray for the family of Lenora who are missing her so much. Pray that others might be inspired by her life and example of service.
♦ My Anatomy and Physiology class is going well. There is a lot of memorization requiring a lot of my time. Please pray that I cam able to find the time to study on top of the 5 or 6 days at the clinic each week.
♦ Please pray that God would empower our ministry at Mercy Medical and bring true healing (spiritual, emotional as well as physical) to those we touch.

Thank you for allowing us to serve by your prayers and support!

Chris & family