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May 2010

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

His Grace is Sufficient

Dear Friends,
Our ministry at the free medical clinic continues grow as we see new patients every single day. Some days the majority of our appointments are with first-time patients. Many of them have lost their jobs and their health insurance. Also, it is very rare day at our clinic that someone is not diagnosed with a new case of diabetes. It is being called the “modern day plague.” On average a person is newly diagnosed with diabetes every 19 seconds in our country. Hispanics (who make up 50% of our patient population) are especially genetically prone to the disease.  The work at the clinic is difficult; the days can be long – 5 or 6 days each week. At times the needs seem to be endless. But God continues to provide a wonderful team of tireless volunteers and we continue to trust in His all-sufficient grace (2 Corinthians 12:9) as we take each day at a time.

Speaking of God’s grace, I was able to finish strong with the Anatomy and Physiology course (Semester 1) and am enjoying a breather before my next class (Statistics) begins on June 10th. I plan to take Organic Chemistry in the fall semester, and then Anatomy and Physiology II next spring. I’ll then have completed all the pre-requisites for Physician Assistant School.

Terry’s Story
One of our patients at Mercy Medical Clinic, Terry, wrote about how our clinic’s ministry has blessed him and he has given me his permission to share it with you.

Hello, my name is Terry. I am 53 years old. I thank God everyday for giving me life and the blessings that he has given me. Life was not always so good for me. I hit rock bottom. I worked many years in the manufacturing environment as a press operator. I had my own place and a steady income. I loved my job and my money. I then found another love –  drinking. I am an alcoholic but at the time I did not want to acknowledge that. I put drinking above all things.  I didn’t know at the time that I was killing myself.  At this time, I was injured on the job in which I had to have back surgery. I could no longer work performing my duties of that job. I returned to school in hopes of obtaining a degree. I had completely left God out of my life. I had a heart attack at 47. I went to the emergency room and the doctor knew that I had a drinking problem. He told me that if I did not quit drinking it would be a matter of time before I would be dead. My pancreas was in bad shape and my liver was almost gone. All the years of drinking had taken its toll and God informed me it was time to pay. Withdrawal from the alcohol was almost unbearable. I prayed to God to help me, the same God whom I had previously ignored. I had no job, no health insurance of any kind. I started attending church and someone suggested that I go to Mercy Medical Clinic. The first time I went I had no money so I sat down and wrote them a letter and told them of my situation. Going to Mercy Medical is the best thing that I ever did. First of all, it’s a Christian environment. I met doctors and nurses who really cared. The clinic bases its foundation on the truth that Jesus Christ can help you with any problem, any ailment, and any addiction. That’s the first time that I had ever went to a doctor and we had prayer together. Prayer does work and trust in God and his Son Jesus Christ. This clinic did help me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I was given medication for my high blood pressure, medications to help my heart problem and mental health issues. But the best part of all, they helped me understand that there is a God and He will help you.  He has given me purpose and the love of life. I want to thank Mercy Medical from the bottom of my heart for their help and support.

Terry and Family 2010 

                  Terry and Family 2010 


April Finances
Friends, we finished April with a deficit of $2120 in our General Fund. A classic case of our expenses being up and our donations a bit down. Over these past 18 years with Team Expansion we’ve had a number of lean months like this one, but thanks to God, we’ve never had a need go unmet, and we’ve never finished a year in the red. We’ll continue to trust as we serve, thankful for God’s blessings – and most of all, thankful for Him.
Dear friends, thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and generous support. It is such a pleasure to serve our Lord and share His love. May God bless you!  

May Prayer Pointers

♦ Please pray for wisdom and strength as I administer the day to day activities of the clinic. Thank God with me for a wonderful team of medical providers, interpreters, pastoral counselors, and front office personnel. Pray that God will continue to provide a few more medical providers. God has provided a new nurse practitioner and a dermatologist since last month! We continue to pray for dentists and hygienists.

♦ Praise God for changed lives and second chances like God gave Terry. Pray with us for many more success stories like Terry’s.

♦ Please ask for God’s guidance, perseverance, and open doors as I finish the last three prerequisite classes and make applications to PA schools.

Friends, thank you for your encouragement, prayers, and generous support. It is such a pleasure to serve our Lord and share His love. May God bless you!  

Thank you!

Chris & family