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June 2010

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Growth Curve
Dear Friends,
The free Christian clinic, Mercy Medical, continues to experience tremendous growth. While we are adding new volunteer medical providers the number of new patients is increasing at a much faster rate. One day last month we had 17 new patients in one day alone. Some of our patients have lost their jobs and their health insurance benefit. Others never could, or can no longer, afford health insurance.

In addition to providing medical needs our calling is to do so in the name of Christ. We have Bibles, “Our Daily Bread” devotionals, and other resources available for our patients. We encourage them to make sure that their spirits as well as their bodies are being nourished.

This month I am making an effort to recruit more pastoral care volunteers to sit down with each patient to talk about spiritual health and to pray with them. That is an ingredient that we don’t want to neglect as we continue to grow.

Going Electronic
We are moving toward electronic medical records (EMR) in the clinic. With nearly 2000 active patients we are in the midst of the tedious and lengthy process of data input. Once our volunteers have our patients’ information in the computer we’ll be able to start using the software for scheduling the patients. That will be a big help to us. We are grateful to Southeast Christian Church in Louisville for the donation of several pre-owned computers that is making our transition to electronic records possible.

We will begin with the schedule and then eventually we’ll be asking our medical providers to put their notes in the computer as well. But, that will come later (to the great relief of our volunteer doctors and other providers).

Family Update
During the first week of June, Diane, the girls and I enjoyed 5 days at the beach in Destin, Florida. The beaches in Destin were free of oil and beautiful as always. I then drove them to Orlando. We have been saving for several years to take our girls to Disneyworld and they were so excited the time had finally arrived. Diane and I (both born on the exact same day) celebrated our birthdays while in Orlando. I flew home in order to get back to work in the clinic and be at my summer class. Diane and the girls enjoyed Disneyworld and were even able to share a few days there with my nephew Wayne and his family who happened to be there as well.

Tyler did not go on vacation with us because of his work schedule. He continues to work as a driver/deliverer for an electrical contractor. He and I did play a little golf together before we left and we won’t talk about our scores.

Once Diane and the girls arrive home they will be busy with summer camp, volleyball conditioning, part-time summer jobs and church activities. Emily and Abbey both had excellent grades – their report cards came just yesterday and we are proud of them. In August Emily will be a senior at Eastern High School and Abbey will be in 7th grade at Whitefield Academy.

In May I was able to make a three-day trip to Joplin, Missouri with some of my Team Expansion colleagues. College Heights Christian Church in Joplin sent out a team of Team Expansion missionaries to a troubled part of Africa and it was a joy to be able to attend the moving sending service. My roommate from college (who we have not seen for many years) was there to send off his daughter with the team. I admire their faith and commitment.

Of course, the Joplin trip allowed me to spend three days with my mom, my brother and some of his precious family. My mom will turn 86 in August and continues to be in wonderful health. She walks 2 miles most days at the mall near her home. She is still driving and serving as a volunteer at the church. She helps fold the church bulletin on Friday mornings and serves with the visitation ministry of shut-ins.

June Prayer Pointers
♦ We give thanks to God for allowing us to enjoy a wonderful vacation in Florida and for His amazing creation.
♦ Please pray for wisdom and strength as I administer the
day to day activities of the clinic. Pray that God will continue to provide for every need, including more pastoral care givers, providers and administrative volunteers.
♦ We are praying for God’s provision for our daughter Emily. This week our mechanic told me her car’s engine cannot be repaired. We are considering options for her
♦ I’ve started my next class, Statistics. I’ve never found math to be easy. But, it was recently added by the University of Kentucky to the list of prerequisites before one can apply to their Physician Assistant School. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

Thank you for your support and prayers!

Chris & family

Thank you for your support and prayers!