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July 2010

Monday, July 12th, 2010

“They let you know that you are God’s child and that they care for you…”
Dear Friends,
Virginia Ringer, a former patient of our free medical clinic, recently gave me a letter of gratitude to share with you.  I say “former patient” because she now has Medicare coverage and has another provider. None of our patients have insurance or Medicare or Medicaid and when they do obtain it we ask them to find another clinic that accepts their coverage.



Hi. My name is Virginia and I want to tell you what Mercy Medical means to me. In 2003 I had everything going for me, I thought. I had my children, a good job, insurance and the possibility of retiring soon. Then, my health went downhill fast and I had to retire early. I could no longer afford my health insurance premium. That year my dad passed away and my mom’s health also turned bad. I had to start working part-time to make ends meet – and then in 2007 I had a heart-attack. I was rushed to the hospital and they did emergency bypass surgery for 7 blockages. The care was fantastic. I went home with a handful of prescriptions – and realized I was in trouble when the cost of the medicine at the pharmacy ended up being $100 more than I had in the bank. My church family paid for my medicine that first month. Two weeks after my surgery I returned to the hospital for my check-up. I was shocked to be told that they would not see me because I had no insurance. Imagine, cutting me open, then, that’s it! No medicines, no care.

Then someone told my son about Mercy Medical. I had no idea what I was walking in to. Emotionally I was a wreck. On the day of my appointment the people welcomed me with smiles and genuine concern. They didn’t ask me about insurance or expect me to pay anything. They listened to me, asked me if they could pray with me and gave me a Bible. I knew then that God had sent me to this place. As I told Dr. Kinlaw about my journey the tears would not stop. He comforted and assured me that everything was going to be okay, and that the clinic would be able to help me get the medicines and care I needed.

I truly feel that God used Mercy Medical to save my life physically, spiritually and emotionally.  He used them to give me more time to be with my family when no one else gave me the time of day. There, everyone is treated equally, regardless of race, regardless of financial status. Many of us walk in there feeling unworthy of such kindness and care, but they let you know that you are God’s child and that they care for you.


What Have You Been Reading Lately?
Dr. Dennis Kinlaw (our clinic’s Medical Director) volunteers at our clinic every Thursday. He often asks me “what have you been reading lately?” His father is the former dean of Asbury Seminary and he was taught the importance of feeding our souls and our minds with quality reading. So, that means I need to have an answer besides “Golf Digest” or “my Anatomy and Physiology textbook.” So, in case you are looking for a good read let me recommend a couple of good books I’ve read recently. When I say “read” I mean “listened to.” I have been using the daily hourly commute to and from the clinic for books on CD from our church library.
1) Rumors of Another World by Philip Yancey. What on Earth Are We Missing? This is the question that this book attempts to answer – as Yancey points out a number of ways to see the supernatural hidden in everyday life.
2) unChristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks about Christianity… and Why It Matters by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons. The authors, using extensive polling research, personal interviews and life illustrations reveal a number of startling revelations about how Christ and the church are perceived by our nation’s young people and why some of those perceptions are a result of the Church missing the mark of Biblical Christianity in recent years.
3) My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers (updated version, 1992). This updated version can be found for free online at  I’ll be honest with you, someone gave me a copy of the original book years ago and I simply could not get it. But when I found this updated version of it, the classic work quickly became one of my favorites. It uses language I understand that the Holy Spirit uses time and time again to speak to me and draw me to a closer walk with the Lord.

June Financial Report
Friends, we are feeling a great sense of relief after finishing May with a deficit in our Team Expansion account of over $2,200. Thanks to our regular monthly supporters and special donation of $3000 from a longtime generous supporter we end June with a deficit of just $400 in our General Fund.
The reality is donations have been down this year. That’s pretty much true for every church and ministry that I know of. We continue to be the best administrators we possibly can of the resources God has given us and continue to ask for your prayers and support. Thank you again for hanging with us in this journey.

July Prayer Pointers
♦ Praise God for using our ministry at Mercy Medical to bless Virginia and many like her. Also, I give Him thanks for hearing our prayers for more pastoral care-givers. I’ll share more next month.
♦ We are so thankful for the donations in June that allowed us to get out of the hole.
♦ We continue to ask for God’s provision for our Emily’s car needs.
♦ So far so good with my Statistics class. It’s tough, but I have a good grade and understand most of it so far. By the time I write you again next month I’ll be finished.
Thank you!
Chris & family