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August 2010

Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Pastoral Care
Dear Friends,
One of the distinctives of our ministry at our free Christian medical clinic has been the time we take to pray for our patients and to address their spiritual health as well as their physical health.  Recently we began praying for God to provide more pastoral care volunteers in our clinic. As the clinic has grown from one day to five days per week, and the number of medical providers has grown from one to twenty four, it became obvious that we needed to add to our existing team of pastoral care volunteers. God has answered that prayer be sending us Deborah. She is working on her degree in Biblical Counseling at a local seminary. When a friend in her church shared with her the need she responded. She began serving with us last month one or two days per week. Our pastoral care providers utilize the “down time” when the patients have been triaged and are waiting in the exam rooms for the doctor to arrive. They ask how things are going with the patients and ask if they can pray for them. It is not uncommon for the patient to comment on how much they appreciate the prayer. Our goal for all our patients is that they be both spiritually and physically healthy. God created human beings a unity of body and spirit – and if either one is unhealthy then the person is unhealthy. Our bodies may last only 70 or 80 years, yet our spirits last forever. So, it’s all the more crucial that our spirits be healthy.

Family Update
The girls enjoyed the summer break from school. However, their school volleyball teams began practicing on July 15. So, they are keeping very busy with school, which just started, their volleyball teams and their church involvement. Both are active at with church’s youth ministry and are serving with our church. Emily serves with disability ministry and Abbey with pre-school. Diane continues to serve with the children’s ministry.

Tyler is living on his own and continues to work for the same electrical company as a delivery driver. He is still not quite sure what he wants to do in the future. He and I try to play a little golf together once a month or so.

Emily has started her senior year in high school and is narrowing down the list of colleges she is considering. She is thinking of pursuing a teaching degree with the developmentally disabled or a health care role with the disabled. 

Louisville Hispanic Team
Team Expansion’s Louisville Hispanic team continues to serve faithfully in our different roles. Of course, my daily activities involve administrating the clinic. Team Expansion has graciously loaned to the clinic while I am finishing up my classes. I stay in contact with my Team Expansion team-mates and several of them come to the clinic to serve from time to time as interpreters and pastoral care-givers.
Our team is involved with 3 different Hispanic churches throughout the city – and all works are moving forward in positive ways and growing.

“From The President,”
This is a note to you written by Team Expansion’s president Doug Lucas.

“Thank you for your service.” This is phrase I say every time I meet a member of the armed forces. But today, I say it to you too!
Whether or not you’re a donor, a friend, a family member, or a missionary with Team Expansion, we really, really mean it.
You’ve been with us for quite a while now and it does not go unnoticed. At Team Expansion, we understand the value of our members. We’re very happy to have you as a loyal member like you and we hope you will be with us for years to come. Everyone here at the Int’l Services does everything we can to support you, your records, your identity, your privacy and your work as best we can. We would like to make sure that you’re still happy serving in partnership with us. If you need anything, write me. If I’m not the right person to fix the situation, I’ll find the one who is. Once again, thank you so much for continuing to serve with us. Without a doubt, we appreciate your camaraderie, service, and partnership.
Gratefully yours,
Doug Lucas,
President —

Organic Chemistry
I finished the summer’s Statistic & Probability class – and did very well, thanks to the Lord. Math has never been my strength.  I started Organic Chemistry today. Everyone tells me it is the hardest course I’ll ever have. Please pray for another miracle.

July Finances
We made it through another month. God continues to be faithful. As I looked at the financial picture on the night of July 28th I saw that unless $1000 in unexpected donations came in before the end of the month we would be unable to make our house payment. The next day a friend asked me how our support was doing. I told him, well, funny you should ask. I need to raise $1000 by this weekend. He said, “That’s amazing. That’s the amount I felt the Lord prompting me to give you.” I was so grateful – and relieved. I don’t deserve to be so blessed.
Also, we have been asking for prayers concerning Emily’s need for a car. We were able to buy her a 1998 Toyota Corolla that hopefully still has a lot of life left in it. We were able to purchase it with some of our retirement savings. We are planning to pay our retirement savings back over time.

August Prayer Pointers
♦ Praise God for providing Deborah as a pastoral care-giver at Mercy Medical. Pray that God will provide just a few more so that we’ll have someone each day of the week.
♦ We are so thankful for the donations in July and for God’s leading us to a car for Emily.
♦ Praise God for the continued growth of Nueva Vida Christian Church, He Visto La Luz Christian Church and the Hispanic Ministry at Fern Creek Christian Church.
♦ Please pray for Bea. She is one of our bilingual nurses who serves every day at Mercy Medical. She is undergoing surgery and treatment for esophageal cancer. She has 12 year old and 1 year old twins at home. 

Thank you for being our partners in ministry. We are encouraged and blessed by you!

Chris & family