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September 2010

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

God Answers Prayer

This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us (1John 5:14).

Dear Friends,
We have been praying for some specific needs at our Christian medical clinic. One need has been for a Christian phsychiatrist to help us treat about 8 of our patients. These precious souls are suffering from some illnesses that our family medical providers are not able to effectively treat because they require the services of a psychiatrist who would be able to manage their special meds and needs. We prayed that God would send us a Christian psychiatrist. Apparently, we asked according to God’s will, because Dr. Hagan contacted me and shared he had heard about our clinic and that he was willing to donate two mornings a month if we could use him. He’ll be starting next week. Thank you God!
Another on-going need, as you know, is for a few more medical providers. On the same day a couple of weeks ago I received two phone calls, one from an ER doctor, and the other from a family Nurse Practitioner. I had never met either, but both told me that they would like to serve one half-day a month, every month!  Dr. Dennison started this week and Linda, the nurse practitioner, will be here next week. God is good!
Finally, just yesterday, one of our fomer medical providers, a nurse practitioner, called me. She has been a full-time mom for the last several months after the birth of her first child. She told me her husband was willing to watch the baby two evenings a month so that she could serve at the clinic. So, starting in October we’ll have two evening clinics a month. There have been several nurses tell me they would like to volunteer occasionally in the evening but up until now, we’ve never had evening clinics. So, another prayer answered!

Volleyball and Chemistry
♦Both girls are in the midst of their busy volleyball seasons. Emily, a senior at a huge public high school, has been nicknamed “Bushnell Rocket” by some of the student body. They chant it when she is serving the volleyball. She is studying hard and taking a number of really difficult classes. She chose not to coast her last year of high school. She is volunteering one hour a day with the disabled and special needs students at her school as well as the disability ministry at our church.
♦ Abbey, (pictured below) in 7th grade, is a “libero” for her volleyball team. That means she wears a different color uniform (if the team is wearing dark, she wears white and visa-versa). The word means “free” and it is a defensive specialist position. She is able to freely rotate from the bench to the court without checking in/out with the referee. Liberos tend to be quick, small and closer to the ground, able to go down and dig the hard-hit balls of the opposing team.

Abbey - Libero

       Abbey plays the “Libero” position on her volleyball team
Both girls’teams are doing well and we are in for an exciting conclusion to the volleyball season early in October.
♦ I have survived a month of Organic Chemistry and lab. I can’t afford to get behind and there have been some late nights. Our first major exam is next week. As for the things I am learning I continue to conclude: We are fearfully and wonderfully made – and this universe declares God’s glory.

“From The President,”
This is a note to you written by Team Expansion’s president Doug Lucas.
The hundreds of missionaries who serve full-time with Team Expansion all have one vision in common: They are transforming communities by planting churches among the unreached. They help abused children, battered mothers, and disadvantaged families. They place AIDs orphans in homes with loving caregivers, then track their progress to make sure everything goes smoothly. They drill wells for fresh water then turn around and tell about Living Water. They teach sanitation and hygiene, help villagers care for horses, and outfit impoverished families with goat herds. They provide disaster relief, education, leadership training, and job enrichment. And all the while, they not only share about the Good News of Jesus Christ, they also seek to initiate and nurture church-planting movements. Why?  Because the church can and will be present over the long haul, giving hope and help to each community. They carry out all these acts of kindness in places where people least know about Jesus Christ. Because that’s Team Expansion’s knitting. That’s what Team Expansion does. And because you help make it happen, that’s what you do too. Thank you for lifting up the fallen. Thank you for your gift to God through Team Expansion.
Doug Lucas
President —

September Prayer Points
♦ Praise God with us for the new medical providers and specific answers to prayer He has sent. Pray with us that God’s work would continue to be done in the lives of all those who come to Mercy Medical.
♦ Praise God with us for His continued provision for our family and ministry.
♦ Last month I asked you to pray for Bea. She is one of our bilingual nurses who serves every day at Mercy Medical. She is undergoing treatment for esophageal cancer. She has 12 year old and 1 year old twins at home. She has started the radiation phase.
♦ Please pray for my cousin and supporter Shirley Geiger. She was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. She is a woman of faith and shares the love of God with everyone in her path.
♦ Please continue to pray for God’s strength, grace, perseverance and direction as I pursue further medical training – and for this semester’s challenge.

Thank you for your financial gifts and prayer again this month. We are so grateful for you. It has been a difficult year for many. As we approached the end of August I knew that we needed a large donation in order to pay the upcoming house payment and health insurance. After agonizing over the situation in prayer I approached a friend who had sent a couple of donations in past years. After hearing about our need he graciously offered to help with the special donation below. We are grateful to God and for all those who give sacrificially. It is a pleasure to serve God and seek first His kingdom.

 Chris & family