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December 2010

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

“Marilyn is an Angel”

Dear Friends,

Almost one year ago I received a call from Marilyn Rhoads, a retired Nurse Practitioner that had recently moved to our area in order to be closer to her grandchildren. She told me she had heard about Mercy Medical from her pastor and had been meaning to call. She had not practiced medicine for 4 years but sensed that God wanted her to volunteer her time in our clinic if we needed her. Today Marilyn reminded me of her call and told me, “Chris, I’m so glad I made that call one year ago. I’ll never forget your words to me on the phone. You said, ‘Marilyn, we have been praying for you to call us!’”She is exactly right. We were experiencing unprecedented growth in our clinic and our current medical providers were overwhelmed. We were praying for someone like Marilyn to call us. I’ll never forget that phone call either. Marilyn serves with us 2 days per week at Mercy Medical.

Larry, who has given me permission for me to share his story, came to our clinic in January. He was one of Marilyn’s first patients at our clinic. She determined that his heart was in trouble and referred him to a wonderful Christian heart doctor who determined his heart was 90% blocked. Dr. Imburgia has a foundation called “Have a Heart” for uninsured heart patients. He performed open-heart surgery and today Larry is a new man. He is active in his church and daily gives God glory for saving his life and, more importantly, saving his soul.

When Marilyn first submitted her application to serve with our clinic I called her two references. One was her pastor who told me, “Marilyn is cream of the cream of the crop.” The other was a former patient in Western Kentucky where Marilyn had served for many years. She told me “Marilyn is an angel. That’s all I can say about her.” Well, after serving with her for a year I would say both of those recommendations are completely accurate.

Marilyn asks each of her patients if she can pray with them before they leave. She understands that the body will last for 70 or 80 years, if we are fortunate, but the soul lasts forever. She knows that human beings are created to be a unity of body and soul and that one is in good health only if both body and soul are healthy.

Marilyn is one of 27 medical providers (medical doctors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants) who volunteer at our clinic each month. We give God thanks for their compassion and desire to serve.

 Marilyn examines Larry

  Larry is examined by Marilyn. He is one of many patients who are grateful for Marilyn and Mercy Medical.

December Prayer Points 

♦ Praise God with us for Marilyn and the other dedicated volunteers that serve every day at Mercy Medical.

♦ Please continue to pray for my cousin Shirley Geiger who is undergoing chemotherapy.

♦ Update on Bea, the young mother and volunteer nurse at Mercy who is undergoing chemo for esophageal cancer: the doctor is encouraged and she is nearing the end of chemo.

♦ Thank you for your prayers for my Organic Chemistry finals. It’s over! I didn’t get the grade I desired, but it will suffice. I will be taking 2nd semester of Anatomy and Physiology, from January 13-May 5th. I will then be able to apply to Physician Assistant School.

♦ Please pray that God will lead and be glorified as we trust Him for all our needs as we finish out 2010 and begin another year of service.

Merry Christmas 2010

We are experiencing another winter storm in Louisville tonight, the second in three nights, so the ground is already covered with snow. It appears that the calendar is correct and another Christmas is almost here. That means Diane and I will be celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary in a few days. We were married between semesters in the middle of our junior year in college. It also means that Abbey, who was born the day before our wedding anniversary, will be turning 13 very soon. It’s all becoming a blur to me!

From our family to yours we want to wish you God’s blessing, His divine guidance and glorious presence. Thank you for standing with us in prayer, encouragement and financial support.

In Christian love,

Chris & family