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January 2011

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

A Glance Back at 2010

Dear Friends,

At Joshua’s farewell address to the leaders he told them, “You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the LORD your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed” (Joshua 23:14).Those words are as true today as they were when Joshua first spoke them some 3400 years ago. He promises to be with us, to strengthen us, to protect us, to provide for us, to save us and so many more. As we look back at the blessings of God in 2010 in our lives I can only offer humble thanks and praise to the Lord.

Growth of Mercy Medical Clinic

2010 was a year of tremendous growth for the clinic. In both the number of patients who walked through the doors, the types of services they received and the number of volunteer providers donating their time and talents. The growth was so dramatic that for about 6 weeks we were forced to turn away all new patients until we were able to get caught up with caring for our existing patients and determined how we should manage the growth. After prayer and counsel we determined that we would limit all new patients to being uninsured residents of seven counties (Shelby county and the 6 counties that surround it) and that we would limit the number of new patients each day. By faith we continue to move forward, grateful for God’s provision of new volunteers and additional resources that make fulfilling our mission possible.In 2010 we had approximately 7,348 patient visits at our clinic involving approximately 2200 different patients from 19 different counties in Kentucky and Indiana. We currently have 27 different medical providers that are donating their services each month; several of them serve multiple times each month.In an average week at the clinic 55 volunteers serve a total of 1500 hours. In 2010 Mercy Medical volunteers donated a total of approximately 14,304 hours. These volunteers include medical and dental providers, nurses, phlebotomists, pastoral caregivers, interpreters and front office workers.

Mercy Medical Facility

Mercy Medical Clinic has grown from one volunteer medical provider serving two hours per week in 1998 to 27 volunteer medical and dental providers providing services 5 days a week for the uninsured.

Medical Training

I have now finished 48 hours of science and math prerequisites. The final class starts on January 13th (second semester of Anatomy and Physiology). It will require a lot of memorization but I am looking forward to it. Thank you for praying for me as I balance the full-time role of clinic administrator and studies.

 Growth of Team Expansion’s Worldwide Outreach

1) Locally here in Louisville my fellow team-members on the Hispanic Team continue to labor day after day in the Hispanic community in three different church plants. I am thrilled with the depth and commitment of these precious brothers and sisters. For example, Nueva Vida Christian Church has solid, mature leadership, making plans for training future pastors through a partnership with a Bible College, and recently sent some of their members on a missions trip to Peru to assist a former Nueva Vida member who serves as a missionary there. Outstanding stuff!

2) The folks in the home office of Team Expansion, where I served for 9 years, continue to obey the great commission by recruiting, training, sending and sustaining teams of cross-cultural workers. Our Team Expansion family currently consists of more than 320 full-time adult workers serving in 48 countries in 72 distinct church planting projects.So far we’ve seen God use our efforts to plant over 300 churches, with over 11,400 individuals baptized into Christ.It’s a joy to serve on a team. And each of you reading these words is as integral part of our team as any other member. None of us in the Team Expansion family could be serving in our place if not for you, your prayers, your encouragement and faithful financial support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

January Prayer Points 

♦ Praise God with us for His faithfulness in allowing Mercy Medical Clinic to have a record year of blessing and serving those in need in the name of Christ.

♦ Please continue to pray for my cousin Shirley Geiger who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.

♦ Praise God for Bea, the young mother and volunteer nurse at Mercy who underwent chemo for esophageal cancer: she is in remission and she is returning to serve at Mercy Medical.

♦ Praise God for the work and growth of Team Expansion in planting churches and serving Christ around the world.

♦ Please pray for wise use of time and perseverance as I finish prerequisites this semester and begin the process of application to Physician Assistant school.

♦ Praise God for His bountiful provision of our support needs for the 18th year on a row!

2010 Financial Report

Friends, how can I possibly thank you enough! You have given so generously and for the 18th year in a row (since the very beginning of our time on mission support with Team Expansion) we finished the year in the black with all the bills paid. Amazing! It was a difficult year in terms of our support, but several new supporters stepped up at key times to complement our faithful monthly supporters. So to all of you – whether long time supporters, or new ones, we offer our heartfelt gratitude. And in all, may our faithful God be praised!

May God bless you,

Chris & family