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April 2011

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Update on PA School
Dear Friends,
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement with my classes. I’ll be finishing up my last prerequisite class on May 5th. I’ve found this last class, the second semester of Anatomy & Physiology, to be especially enjoyable. As with each of the science classes I’ve had these past 3 years, I am amazed at the power and wonder of our creator God. This completes my 48 hours of prerequisite classes that will allow me to apply to the University of Kentucky’s Physician Assistant School. The application window is April 15-June 15. Please pray for God’s grace and for the needed time to put together a high quality application that would be well received by the school. Before June 15 I also need to take the GRE exam with a score above UK’s minimum requirement.  I had a very encouraging meeting in March with the dean at the school. If all goes well with the application and the GRE exam the next step would be an invitation for an interview with the school in August. If I am one of the 40 students selected the first day of class is January 2, 2012.

Emily Decides on College!
Emily had narrowed down her college choices to three schools.  Two weeks ago, after months of prayer and agonizing over the decision Emily decided to attend Spalding University here in Louisville. They have an excellent Occupational Therapy program. If Emily does well she’ll be able to graduate with both a bachelor and master’s degree in Occupational Therapy in just 5 years. She wants to work with disabled children. She volunteers at both her high school and at our church with disabled children. It seems she has found her calling. She is an excellent student and has been offered a wonderful scholarship from Spalding. Since she made her decision two weeks ago she has felt such a peace and a joy. We are grateful and happy for her. And, having her nearby during her college years will be an added blessing for our family.

Volunteer Prepares Blood Specimen

A Volunteer prepares blood specimen for lab pickup 

Thank God for Partners
Our clinic would not exist if it were not for community partners who are opening their hearts and pocketbooks to us. LabCorp is one example. Every day we draw our patient’s blood to check their complete blood count and a comprehensive metabolic profile. These routine baseline tests along with specific tests such as A1C levels (blood glucose over the past 3 months), cholesterol levels, blood-clotting factor for patients taking blood thinner medicines, along with many others, are absolutely essential for providing care to our patients. As you probably know, these blood tests can be very expensive. Thankfully LabCorp understands the importance of these tests and offers deep discounts to us, making them affordable and possible. They are a vital partner and we give thanks to God for them.

The Growth Wave
Friends, our clinic’s ministry continues to expand month after month. The phone seemingly never stops ringing and the requests from first-time patients have never been more numerous. Thankfully the last month has brought 2 new providers plus a podiatrist and a marriage and family Christian therapist who is volunteering one day a week. One of the new providers is coming every week, which really helps us. The clinic is filled with patients about 5 days a week now. We’ve come a long way from when I first began as a volunteer interpreter in 2003. At that time the clinic was only open one day a week and we only had one doctor. Now, we are up to different 29 volunteer providers who serve every month, some weekly.
With the growth comes challenges, and to be honest, added stress at times. Some days we simply don’t have enough support volunteers. Fortunately, we serve a faithful God who knows every need before we even realize our need. We start each day with a prayer at the clinic, asking God to take control and complete His work. I like to think of it as riding a wave – and we just need to hang on tight, enjoy the ride, and keep kicking!

April 2011 Prayer Points
♦ Abbey’s spring break mission trip to inner city Cleveland was a blessing. She said she learned much about the challenges of church-planting including the hard work of build up and tear down each Sunday when renting a facility. It was a great experience for her.
♦ Thank God with us for leading Emily to her decision about college and for the opportunity to study at Spalding. Please pray that God would continue to confirm her decision, open doors for her and use her to be a blessing to others.
♦ Please continue to pray for my cousin Shirley Geiger who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.
♦ Please pray for wise use of time and perseverance as I finish prerequisites this semester and begin the process of application to Physician Assistant School.
♦ Thank God for wonderful ministry partners like LabCorp that make our work possible. Pray that God would meet every need, enable our volunteers to serve, continue to raise up new volunteers and resources as we continue to grow.

March 2011 Financial Recap
Thank you, once again, for your generous help to our family and ministry. We are truly grateful. This month my cousin Shirley Geiger wrote us a beautiful note along with a gift in memory of my dad who went home to be with the Lord in September, 2002. April 1 was his birthday. Thank you Shirley for remembering him and for your kind words.

April is often a challenging month financially for many of us with tax day on the 15th. It is usually one of our leaner months when it comes to support. If you are not a regular monthly supporter and are able to give this month, it would be especially appreciated.

May God bless you!

Chris & family