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June 2011

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

The Bushnells in Joplin
Dear Friends,
As many of you know, my mom lives in Joplin, MO along with my brother and a nephew. During the tornado my mom was taking refuge in her closet since she doesn’t have a basement. The tornado’s path of destruction was about 9 blocks south of her house, and there was no damage at her house. My brother and wife, Rick & Sheryl, were crouched in their hallway. Rick said he had never been so scared in his life as the tornado passed about 5 blocks south of them. He said the noise was deafening and seemed to go on forever. Their roof and yard were covered with papers and light debris, including an x-ray from St. John’s hospital.

However, my nephew, Rick, his wife Brianna and their baby girl escaped almost certain death when their home was totally destroyed. At the last minute, Rick decided to take his family to a friend’s basement. We are so grateful he did because his neighborhood was wiped out and nothing was left standing in his house, not one wall, not one thing, save the refrigerator. All that is left of the house and garage are the foundations with their salvageable belongings reduced to a pile. We traveled there Memorial weekend and helped them clean up. We were able to stack everything in different piles along the curb (according to what they consisted of) to be picked up by the city. While we were working a 35-member work team from Mt. Vernon Christian Church arrived and helped us finish the clean up.  God is working and the church has truly responded. There are thousands of volunteers in Joplin, serving in the name of Christ. Amidst the loss and devastation there is hope and victory. My nephew’s church has already come up with a free rental house and donated furniture for them until their insurance company rebuilds the house.

Work Team from Mt. Vernon MO

A 35-member work team from Mt. Vernon MO help clear debris from Rick and Brianna’s house after the tornado. The body of Christ has responded in massive efforts to bring relief to victims of the May, 22, 2011 tornado.

The Power of Prayer!
Last month I asked for your prayers for the GRE exam that I was truly concerned about. Math has never been my strongest subject and the GRE is a lot of math. I was having doubts and even imagining three years work on the prerequisites and applications to be all for naught because of a GRE score that came in under the minimum required for entry.  I needed a score of at least 900. The University of Kentucky’s PA website says the average score of PA candidates that are accepted is between 1050 and 1100. I’m happy to tell you that my score was 1160! I give God the praise

and can tell you that I felt a peace and a confidence while taking the exam that was not coming from me. I am truly grateful for your prayers and His help.

Now it is wait time. The PA school will grant 80 interviews to the top applicants which will take place in August. So, my prayer is they will grant me an interview if it is God’s will.

Emily – Class of 2011
It’s official! Emily is a high school graduate (see photo above). We are truly proud of her. We enjoyed the ceremony and at our open house dozens of friends came to help us celebrate. She’s working this summer as a caregiver and nanny for 3 different families, two of them with special needs children. She’ll be attending Spalding University this fall which is located near downtown Louisville.

Bushnell Family after Emily’s High School Graduation

Our family celebrating with Emily, June 3, 2011

Clinic Update
The ministry at Mercy Medical continues to expand with new patients being seen every day along with our existing patients. The commencement of summer schedules has also brought to us about 12 new volunteers who are being trained and starting to help us with the day to day activities of the clinic.

We continue to pray for dentists. We only have one, donating 3 hours per month with hundreds of patients on a waiting list. We could easily keep busy forty more dentists willing to donate 3 hours monthly.

Financial Report
Friends, we finished May with a deficit of $1,871.96 in our ministry account. Needless to say, we need some special gifts this month. Our expenses have not been out of the ordinary, rather giving has been a little down this year, and every month we’ve been getting a little further behind.  If you can help us we would be so grateful. And, of course, your gift is tax-deductible.

We are grateful to my cousins, Shirley Geiger and her daughter Karen Hubbard (and their families) in Memphis, TN who donated $350 to help my nephew’s family as they recover from their losses after the tornado. Karen also sent a gift in honor of her dad, Lloyd, who went home to be with the Lord in June of 2000. In her note Karen says that shortly after his death she found a comment he had written in his Bible: “WE MUST CARE FOR OUR BODIES, AS IF WE ARE GOING TO LIVE FOREVER. BUT WE MUST CARE FOR OUR SOULS, AS IF WE WERE GOING TO DIE TOMORROW.”
That’s good advice for us all!

Thank you for your partnership!

Chris & family

June Prayer Points
♦ Praise God for the many stories of God’s protection in the aftermath of Joplin’s tornado, and the opportunities for the Body of Christ to make a difference. Please pray for those who are still suffering and for those who are grieving.
♦ Praise God for His help and presence while taking the GRE.
♦ Praise God for Emily’s academic success and faithful witness and for open doors to study at Spalding University.
♦ Please continue to pray for my cousin Shirley Geiger who is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer.
♦ Please pray for God’s provision for our financial support as we move through summer months.

A Message From Team Expansion’s President
Dear friend,
The Bible uses a very special word for a “special moment in time.” That word is “Kairos.” Our purpose at Team Expansion is to transform communities among the unreached by planting Biblical churches. It’s highly likely that you and your church are perfectly aligned with that purpose, so we’re inviting you and up to 2 others from your church to attend a special course called Kairos at Emerald Hills. To learn more call Team Expansion’s home office at 800-447-0800 or by clicking here.
Doug Lucas