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August 2011

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

PA School Interview
Dear Friends,
I was invited for an interview for the PA program and it took place on August 10th. It was such a blessing to be invited and now we are waiting the response. Thank you again for your prayers and encouragement. I should know in the next week or so if I will be joining the program which starts in early January 2012.

Preaching at NVCC
In July I had the privilege of preaching at Nueva Vida Christian Church. It was so good to return and reconnect with my beloved friends and see how God is moving in their lives and church. In addition to to seeing old friends it was a blessing to meet several new Hispanic families from various countries who are worshipping the Lord at Nueva Vida.

Pastor Daniel and his wife Shani continue to do a wonderful job of leading and equipping the church. Daniel has the help of two elders and their wives who are godly leaders. The church is reaching out to the community in service and small groups are meeting throughout the Louisville area to study the Word and encourage one another.  A group of about 20 members of the church recently completed an intense Biblical course that required a lot of homework over the course of several months.

Mercy Medical Update
A dentist contacted me in July to tell me he was willing to donate one day a month at our clinic! That’s great news since we currently only have one dentist. So, we’ve doubled our dental capacity at the clinic! It will help us progress down our waiting list of over 300 patients who have yet been able to see a dentist.

Also a new nurse practitioner contacted me this week about volunteering at the clinic. That’s good news since the medical side of the clinic continues to grow as we daily add new patients to the schedule. The wait time to get in for the first appointment is about one month. We have to control the growth rate in order to be able to offer adequate follow-up appointment space for existing patients. How do we continue to manage growth? How can we possibly keep up with the needs? Those are questions we are asking as we seek God’s wisdom and direction.

Family Update

Tyler just finished 6 months with his new employer, Graybar Electric (a large electrical and telecommunications components distributor). He is doing a great job and has received several compliments from his boss on how much he appreciates Tyler’s hard work and faithfulness. He is working in the warehouse and learning about the thousands of items the company stocks.

Our kids have been blessed with healthy teeth. Emily, who turned 19 this summer, has never had a cavity. In July Emily experienced her first dental procedure besides routine cleanings. It was time to extract her four wisdom teeth. It was not fun, but she endured it like a trooper, or should I say chipmunk (ha ha).

Next week is freshmen orientation for Emily at Spalding University, here in Louisville. She is, perhaps, a little nervous and excited at the same time. Also, I think it’s a melancholy time as some of her dearest friends are heading off to colleges in other places.

Emily continues to volunteer with the disabled ministry at our church and served again this summer at a camp for special needs children.

Abbey is in eighth grade and tried out for both the Middle School and freshman volleyball teams. She made both teams! So, that means a lot of volleyball practices and games for us. Diane and I are proud members of the “Abbey Transportation Team.” Diane is the captain of the team and I serve as the lowly backup.

Louisville Hispanic Team
It was great to meet with my team-mates on Team Expansion’s Louisville Hispanic Team recently for a sweet time of fellowship and prayer. At one time we were serving together with one Spanish-speaking church, now they are serving in 3 different churches in our city. And, of course, I am serving at the medical clinic. Consequently we are seldom able to all be together at once. The Ramirez, Hook, and Renovalez families are precious friends and serving the Lord with them has truly been a high privilege for me.

Prayer Points for August 2011
♦ Praise God with us for the opportunity to interview at the PA school. We are trusting that if He wants me to serve Him as a PA that He will open the doors.
♦ Praise God with us for the continued growth of Mercy Medical as we help those in need in the name of Jesus Christ. Pray that lives will continue to be helped and hearts turned to the only Name that saves.
♦ Please continue to pray for healing for my cousin Shirley Geiger who just finished chemotherapy for cancer.
♦ Praise God for the faithfulness of my team-mates on the Louisville Hispanic Team as they labor to raise up churches and leadership to impact the Spanish-speaking world.
♦ Praise God for His provision during our financial shortage.
July 2011 Financial Report
We finished July in the black thanks to you, our monthly supporters, and a special gift from a friend. That is a huge relief to be out of the red in our General Fund. God is good and always faithful! From the bottom of our hearts we say thank you for your prayers, encouragement and financial support.

In Christian love, 

Chris & family

A Message from Team Expansion’s President
Dear Fellow-Helper,
Yesterday, I made my annual pilgrimage back to the Jackson County 4H Fair in southern Indiana. You see, each year, on Wednesday of “Fair Week,” my mother and I meet for the 1pm “Cooking Demonstration.” This year, we actually never even connected by phone to confirm things. I’ll admit: As I walked past seemingly endless cow barns and exhibit buildings, I felt just a *tad* of anticipation. But, as I rounded the corner by “St. Peter’s Taco House,” I spied her sitting there in the exact same seats where we always meet. And the same could be said for the faithful supporters of the work of Team Expansion. For example, in my case, when I see an envelope from Andover, Burlington, or Shively, my mind goes back to all the times those churches (and others too) have faithfully “shown up,” even though times have sometimes been tough. Yesterday, I hugged my mom and said, “Thanks for coming.” Today, I’m thankful for you, for the faithful prayers and support you send to all of Team Expansion, to your favorite Team Expansion missionary, and to unreached people around the globe. May God bless you, now and in the weeks to come.

Doug Lucas