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September 2011

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Answered Prayer and an Open Door!
Dear Friends,

You have been so faithful in praying for me and encouraging me as I’ve studied and been stretched these past 3 years. We’ve shared the journey together and so it’s with true joy that I tell you that we made it! The Physician Assistant School at the University of Kentucky offered me a seat in the program that will begin in early January!

We rejoice and give thanks to God for opening this door of service. I truly am excited, and a little nervous, as we contemplate the next phase of the journey.

So what’s the Plan Now?
a) I will continue to direct the ministry of Mercy Medical until the end of the year. There continue to be many challenges as we manage the growth of the clinic in a midst of such staggering need. Please pray that God will raise up the proper person to take my spot as the administrator and for a smooth transition for the clinic.

b) I will begin classes in early January. The first 18 months of the program takes place in Lexington, KY. I will be commuting from Louisville and staying over some weeknights in Lexington when necessary. The final 12 months of the program are clinicals and the majority of them can be done in Louisville. I will be seeking to spend as much time as possible of the clinical year at Mercy Medical.
c) During the 2 ½ years of PA training we will continue on mission support through Team Expansion. We will be on “educational furlough” during this time. As a result, I will owe the mission 2 ½ years of service at some point in the future.

d) Upon completion of the 2 ½ years of PA training I will obtain a job as a PA, God willing. This will allow our family to go off of mission support as well as pay back the student loans I will incur.

e) We will then seek God’s direction in paying back the 2 ½ years of ministry to Team Expansion. We have discussed various options with the mission. They include paying back the time through future ministry at Mercy Medical, doing short-term or mid-term medical outreach with a Team Expansion field team, and assisting with pre-field training of new missionaries. We are so grateful to the leadership of Team Expansion in offering us such flexibility and freedom in our service. We are anticipating that we will have a “tent-making” capacity that will allow us to serve the mission without needing to raise financial support.

Thank you again for standing beside us on this journey. In May we completed 19 years of service with Team Expansion and we are truly thankful for your partnership, in the past, the present and the future.

Future Support
As we make plans for 2012 we do need to know what you, our supporters, are being led to do as we transition to this educational furlough time. Of course, we hope many of you will sense God is leading you to continue your financial support until our educational furlough is complete. Could I ask that you pray about this issue and then send me a note (either email or snail mail)? If I could hear from you by the end of next month (October 31st) that would be extremely helpful. Again, starting January 1, 2012 we need to maintain our financial support for 2 ½ more years, until August 2014 when I will be graduating, Lord willing, from PA school. Thank you for praying about this and then letting me know your decision.

August Financial Recap
Attached is the August financial recap. We had a very good month in August that included a generous one-time gift. That is great news because we had Emily’s wisdom teeth extraction expense (line 111b on the expense report).  So, ending the month just barely in the red ($-1.06) in our General Fund was a huge blessing. We give God thanks for His provision and your help, once again.

September 2011 Prayer Pointers
♦ Praise God with us for the opportunity to attend PA school and this new avenue of service for our family.
♦ Praise God with us for the continued growth of Mercy Medical as we help those in need in the name of Jesus Christ. Please pray for God to lead us to the right person to take over the administrator role at the end of the year.
♦ Praise God for the completion of chemotherapy for my cousin Shirley Geiger who received an “all-clear” from her doctor after a recent pet-scan!
♦ Praise God that Emily started her freshman year at Spalding University and is doing very well.
♦ Praise God for His provision for our financial support and for His continued provision during the next phase of our ministry.

In Christian love,

Chris & family