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November 2011

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

“Well done, good and faithful servant!”
Matthew 25:21

Dear Friends,

Can you imagine a happier moment than seeing Jesus’ face and hearing him speak those words to you?

The desire to please the Lord is a strong motivation in my life. But, to be honest, it needs to be stronger. I wish I could say it is the strongest desire of my heart, all of the time. Sadly, I often find myself seeking to please others, or myself. Isn’t that the very core of the spiritual battle that we face every day as Christians?

I enjoy Saturdays at Mercy Medical. Every day there is special, and a privilege for me, but Saturdays are often extra special. The main reason is that my friend, Jim, accompanies me to the clinic a couple of Saturdays each month. He uses his excellent medical skills to serve the Lord and to bless patients. He also patiently teaches the less-experienced volunteers who eagerly crowd around him in the lab.

This past Saturday Jim and I were driving home and I mentioned that I needed to write this report and that I wasn’t sure what to say. He gave me some good advice. He said, “Tell your supporters that all is well, all systems are go, the clinic’s medical ministry is marching faithfully onward.”

I can tell you that in October we had 511 patient visits at Mercy Medical. 45 of those were first-time patients. 17 of them received dental care and the rest received medical care – all in the name of the Lord Jesus. Many of these patients were prayed for personally by a pastoral care volunteer.  We started every day in prayer and we stopped and asked for God’s help many times throughout. It wasn’t perfect, but it was our sincere effort to be faithful servants. I believe I felt our Master smiling.

Two New Medical Doctors and a Counselor!
It is a good month when we can report that God sent us a new medical provider. Well, this month He sent us two! A new family practice doctor will be serving weekly at Mercy starting this week. A nephrologist (kidney specialist) will be serving once per month. Many of our patients are suffering from diabetes and kidney disease often accompanies diabetes.

In addition, a trained therapist- addiction counselor joined our team of volunteers and is serving two Saturdays per month. We rejoice in God’s faithfulness in providing these volunteers and allowing us to expand our ministry further.

To sum up, Mercy Medical is now open 5 days per week and we have 36 medical/dental/emotional health-care providers. Our list of volunteers has grown to 207 active volunteers who help us every day with front office, pastoral care, interpreting, nursing, facility, dental care, medical care and counseling.  We currently have 3539 different patients is our database that we started using one year ago. Jim says, “all systems are go” and I think that sums it up well.

October Ending Balance.
The ending balance in our ministry fund at the end of October was not a pretty sight. In 19 years as a Team Expansion missionary I’m certain that we’ve never finished a month with a red number that large. When I saw that we closed October over $2000 in the red the weight of that number literally closed in on top of me.

I’m happy to tell you that God quickly melted away the dismay with hope. Every day since I crunched those numbers I have been reminded of God’s faithfulness in one way or another.  We were able to make the November house payment thanks to a loan from our retirement fund. We are confident that we’ll be fine and God will provide one way or another. So many of you have given so generously to us in the past – and we will always be grateful. We are committed to being faithful and wise stewards, and above all, by God’s grace, striving hard until we hear those precious words, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

May God’s presence and power be near each of you as you gather to celebrate Thanksgiving. The five of us are headed to Joplin, MO to see my mom and family and celebrate God’s abundant blessings on another year. Thank you for your partnership!

November 2011 Prayer Pointers
♦ Praise God with us for the continued growth of Mercy Medical as we help those in need in the name of Jesus Christ.
♦ Please pray for God to lead us to the right person to take over the administrator role at the end of the year. Interviews will be starting this week.
♦ Please pray for wisdom and guidance from God as I prepare for PA school and raise funds for our living expenses during educational furlough.
♦ Praise God for His provision for our financial support over the past 19 years and for His continued provision during the next phase of our ministry.

Chris & family