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December 2011

Friday, December 16th, 2011

New Clinic Administrator
Dear Friends,
Last month I mentioned my friend Jim Kutzner who often accompanies me to the clinic on Saturdays. For the last 13 years, since moving to Louisville, we have had a special friendship with Jim and his wife Darlene. We attended the same home Bible study and the same Weekend Group at our church.  Jim served over 18 years as a nurse with the Army, rising to the rank of Major, then serving later as a civilian.  I knew that Jim really enjoyed serving at the clinic. In fact, when I first learned of my acceptace to PA school I told Jim, “why don’t you apply for the position. You would be great as the clinic administrator.”  Jim’s love for the clinic was growing, but he had just recently been promoted in his current job, and for him to come to the clinic full-time would be a real sacrifice.

This past Sunday, the night before we were to interview 3 candidates for the position,  Jim called me at home and told me that he sensed God wanted him to apply. Diane overheard our phone conversation and she said to me, “I like the sound of that!” I liked it too. Jim said, “I think I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t act.” So I started calling board members and telling them about Jim and they agreed to add him as a late addition to the interview schedule the following morning.

After considering the candidates the board concluded that Jim would be offered the position of Clinic Administrator! And he gladly and humbly accepted.

When I mentioned Jim last month to you I had no idea that God was calling him to serve full-time in the ministry at Mercy Medical Clinic.

As I have mentioned before, I will continue to serve the “least of these” at Mercy Medical. First as a student,  then later as a volunteer Physician Assistant. I  am thrilled that I will be able to serve God there alongside my friend, Jim.

Please pray for Jim, his wife, Darlene, and their daughter Sarah. This is a step of faith for them. As a family, they are making a commitment to serve God in this ministry. The clinic continues to grow along with the demands and the responsibilities, and it can be overwhelming. It always helps me when I remember that it is God’s clinic and it is bigger than any one person. Jim already knows this and I have no doubt God is going to use him in a huge way.

The Whole Person
Today a patient poked her head in my office to thank me for the Bible and devotional “Our Daily Bread” I had given her on her last visit. She said she was reading them every day and it was really helping her. She had been struggling with anxiety and depression. The nurse practitioner that was treating her that day recognized that her symptoms were not just physical, but emotional and spiritual.  And so she asked me to spend a few minutes with the patient for pastoral care. Her story is perfect example of our goal at the clinic for every patient, to minister to the whole person. No doubt, that is what Jesus would do.

Christmas and Beyond

Christmas & Beyond1Chrismas & Beyond2
Last Saturday was a special day for our clinic. Fifteen families from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville adopted 15 of our clinic families. When the Southeast families showed up at our clinic to meet their “adopted” families they already knew the names and ages of each person since they had shopped personally for each one of them. There were a LOT of smiles and joy that day. Spanish speakers call our clinic (in Spanish) “The Love of Jesus Medical Clinic” i.e. “Clínica Médica El Amor de Jesús.” His love could be seen on everyone’s face on that special day.

November Financial & Support-Raising Update
God is so good to us! We made some good progress in November with the deficit and finished $1,460 in the red. We are confident that, by God’s grace and the generosity of supporters, we will finish 2011 in the black. If so, that will be the case with every year that we have been with Team Expansion. Twenty years of seeing God provide!

As you know we are seeking to raise new support for the next 2 ½ years while I am in Physician Assistant School to replace what I have been receiving from Mercy Medical Clinic.  We are still needing to raise about $1600 per month. I want to tell you that God has provided an amazing peace as we near the deadline. I don’t know yet how He will provide, but He has reminded me that He has opened every door so far, why should I doubt now? I can’t begin to express what a blessing God’s peace is!

December 2011 Prayer Pointers
♦ Praise God with us for leading us to the right person to take over the administrator role at the clinic! We prayed and God answered!
♦ Please pray for Jim, Darlene and their daughter Sarah as Jim begins serving full-time in ministry at the clinic. Pray for God’s provision for their family as they trust and obey.
♦ Praise God for the hope, love, grace, healing and help that He provides when we seek Him. Pray that Mercy Medical continues to be used by Him for His divine purposes.
♦ Thank God with us for His peace as we walk through the open door He has provided in PA school. Pray that I will be able to focus on my studies and learn well what I need to know.
♦ Please pray for Diane and the girls as we all adjust to this new “normal” while I’m in school. Pray for God’s provision, protection,  peace and guidance.

I begin PA school on January 3rd. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement on the journey.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Bushnells!
In Christian love,

Chris & family