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January 2012

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Mercy Medical Update
Dear Friends,
This is my last report as the administrator of Mercy Medical. I will begin studying full-time at the University of Kentucky Physician Assistant program on January 3. 2012. I plan, however, to continue to be a volunteer at Mercy Medical for the rest of my life. My time as administrator has been challenging, and exceedingly fulfilling. I leave my position excited for the opportunity to be in PA school, and truly grateful for the privilege of serving as Mercy’s Administrator.

I want to thank my supervisors at Team Expansion for loaning me to the clinic these past two years. It has been such a blessing for me to be a part of what God is doing at Mercy.

2011 was yet another year of tremendous growth for the clinic. In both the number of patients who walked through the doors, the types of services they received and the number of volunteer providers donating their time and talents.

By faith we continue to move forward, grateful for God’s provision of new volunteers and additional resources that make fulfilling our mission possible.

In 2011 we cared for 3356 patients from Kentucky and Indiana.  The clinic was open 5 days per week and we currently have 36 medical, dental, and emotional health-care providers. Our list of volunteers has grown to 207 active volunteers who help us every day with front office, pastoral care, interpreting, nursing, lab, dental care, medical care, counseling and facility needs.

Last month I shared with you about my friend, Jim Kutzner, being selected as my replacement at the clinic. Jim and I only had three days together at the clinic because of his commitment to his previous employer. We stayed late each night and covered a lot of ground. I am glad that Jim understands that the clinic belongs to God and that He will provide for every need. I know that Jim will be a faithful administrator of the work that God is doing there.

Family Update

Family - Christmas 2011
It was a blessing to be able to spend Christmas with our kids at home. We had a beautiful day here in Louisville, Diane made a wonderful dinner and we shared another precious memory with our kids.
Tyler is doing well with his job as a customer service representative with Graybar Electric.
Emily is in the middle of her freshman year at Spalding University here in Louisville. She is studying hard and on track.
Abbey is in her 8th grade year. She is also an excellent student and playing volleyball.

Prayer Pointers For January 2012
♦ Please pray for Jim Kutzner as he begins serving full-time in ministry at the clinic. Pray for God’s provision for their family as they trust and obey. Pray that Mercy Medical continues to be used by God for His divine purposes.
♦ Thank God with us for His peace as we walk through the open door He has provided in PA school. Pray that I will be able to focus on my studies and learn well what I need to know.
♦ Please pray for Diane and the girls as we all adjust to this new “normal” while I’m in school. Pray for God’s provision, protection, peace and guidance.

I started PA school yesterday, January 3rd. It was a great day! The program director made us all feel very welcome and at ease. The day was spent in orientation and taking care of miscellaneous details. My first class starts tomorrow and I’ll be in class Monday-Thursday. They expect us to spend a lot of extra time in the anatomy lab this semester, as well as shadowing and volunteering in a medical setting. Outside work is not allowed nor possible with the schedule they give us. I am so blessed to be a part of this great program and am truly excited about the ways God can use this training for His purposes.

There are forty of us in the Lexington program and, yes, I am the oldest student. We go through the program together from day one. Our class schedule this semester includes Anatomy lecture and lab, Physiology, Intro the PA Profession and Overview of the Healthcare Delivery System. As soon as we finish with the first semester in May we start immediately in with the summer session that goes through the entire summer.
We will be receiving our white coats in a ceremony on January 27th. They start us very early with seeing patients, even as new students. But don’t worry; they won’t let us hurt anyone.  Receiving the white coat is truly an honor and a large responsibility.
Thank you again for your help, prayers and encouragement!

In Christian love,
Chris & family

Financial Update
We are thankful for the response to our support-raising effort. As a result we start 2012 with a balance of $4700 in our General Fund to help us with the monthly shortfall we will experience in 2012 when the Mercy Medical salary support ceases. As for the support-raising for 2012, it appears we have about 70% of our monthly need raised. We have peace that God has opened the door of PA school and that He will provide a way.

From Team Expansion’s President
Dear partner in the Task,
Did you know that, right now, at this moment, Team Expansion workers are busy the world over doing…
* Community Health Evangelism (CHE) — Asking lots of questions first, they determine what kind of help is needed, designing local initiatives that work, then sharing life lessons, among which is the Good News of Jesus Christ.
* Bible Storying — Originally conceived for primary oral learners, Team Expansion storytellers are busy on every continent, sharing the gospel through creative story-telling. It multiplies quickly!
* Medical outreaches — Team Expansion has doctors in multiple locations, healing physically as they heal spiritually. Please lift them up.
* Bible translators — Thanks to the work of 2 Team Expansion workers, 51 out of 66 biblical books are already being distributed to tens of thousands of members in villages throughout the region. They figure they’ll be completely done in 18 months time!
With hope for the future,
Doug Lucas