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March 2012

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Half Way Through First Semester!

Dear Friends,
Can you believe that today I finished up my last mid-term exam?! That’s right; we’ve reached the half-way point of our first semester of PA School. The past 9 weeks have just flown by for me! Although it has been incredibly challenging, I thank God every day for the opportunity to study His creative handiwork. I am learning so much and it’s been very rewarding.

As for my grades, well, I’m passing! My whole life I fretted over anything less than an A. This semester has given me a whole new perspective. I am now thrilled with a B! But the important thing is that I learn the material and learn it well. That’s my focus.

God’s Provision
Ken Henderson is the executive director of Teen Mission USA. Between 1990 and 1995 I had the privilege of leading five different mission trips for Ken’s ministry to work with our Team Expansion missionaries in Venezuela and Ukraine. Ken and his wife Carol live a few minutes from UK in Lexington. When Ken and Carol heard that I was going to be attending PA school they offered me their basement apartment in their home. This has been such a blessing for me since I am in class, studying in the lab and the library from 9 AM until past midnight every week day. Not having to add a 3 hour (round trip) commute to my day is huge! I am so grateful for God’s provision and the Henderson’s generosity.

“So how is the family handling you being gone so much?” That’s a frequent question that I hear. The truth, it’s hard, but we are surviving. I’m able to be home weekends, although I spend almost the entire time holed up in my home office out of necessity to stay caught up with my studies. This “didactic” phase of PA school is only 18 months long, so, by God’s grace, we’ll get through it. After the didactic phase will be 12 months of clinical rotations. Many of those I will be able to do in Louisville and not need to commute to Lexington. In the meantime I am so blessed by Diane and the kids as they encourage me and support me.

Emily Headed To Poland
Today (March 10th) our oldest daughter, Emily, is leaving for Poland with other members of our church’s college-age ministry. They’ll serve there for a week during their spring break serving at an orphanage, meeting other college students, serving in a preschool, and helping with an English class. She is excited about serving God and seeing what He is doing in Poland. Emily is doing great with balancing school and her new part-time job as a caregiver for a disabled young woman. She is gaining valuable experience as she pursues a career in Occupational Therapy with disabled children. We are truly proud of her.

March Prayer Pointers
♦ Please join us in praying for Emily and her group as they minister in Poland.
♦ Please continue to pray for my ability to focus, learn and survive the rigors of the didactic phase.
♦ Praise God with us for the good report my cousin, Shirley Geiger received from her 6 month post-cancer screening. Many of you prayed for her and God has been so good.
♦ Thank you for your generosity to my family during this phase of educational furlough. We will always be grateful for your partnership.
♦ I have not been able to serve at Mercy Medical since starting PA school because of the rigors of this semester. The new administrator, Jim, is doing a fantastic job and the clinic continues to grow. There is no doubt that God continues to bless and for that we give Him praise!

I have said this for 20 years now! Ever since we started serving with Team Expansion in the spring of 1992. It has been sincere and heartfelt every time. Thank you for your prayers, financial support and encouragement. We are truly grateful.

In Christian love,

Chris & family

A Message from Team Expansion’s President, Doug Lucas
Dear Partner and Friend,
In the little one-chapter book of III John, the apostle writes to a friend named Gaius to thank him for the “hospitality” he has shown to a group of travelers on a journey “for his name’s sake.” These men were similar to our modern-day missionaries, in that they were on a journey “for His Name’s sake,” taking nothing from the people with whom they labored. Not only does John reinforce Gaius’ good work, but in addition, John goes on record saying that we would do well to “send them on their way.” This concept of “sending them on their way,” is clearer here than in most other locations in scripture, partly because we know well the meaning of the original Greek word here. It can mean providing a) food, b) housing, c) funds, and even d) accompanying someone somewhere in person. These four meanings all seem to apply to you as well. Like Gaius, you have provided all these and more for your favorite Team Expansion missionary. So like John, I want to thank you today for “doing well” and I give praise for your life!
Doug Lucas