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May 2012

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

First Semester – Success!

Dear Friends,

Whew! It was a bigger challenge than I had even anticipated. But I’m glad to say the first semester of PA school is behind me, and we’re moving on to the summer semester which starts tomorrow (May 9th). This summer we are taking three classes, one of which is “Pathophysiology” (the study of disease). That should be the tough one. The summer semester will continue through the first week of August. The other two classes are “Disease Prevention and Health Maintenance” and “Research Methods.” As part of my Masters of Physician Assistant Studies requirement I will be doing a research project. My preliminary idea on my Master’s project is to research possible cultural effects that promote the onset of type II diabetes with Hispanic immigrants arriving in the United States.

As for this past semester, I learned a tremendous amount and am so grateful for your prayers and encouragement. It was a privilege to study anatomy at UK’s Medical school with one of our country’s premier anatomy professors. Yes, he’s one of those guys who writes the textbook and yes, we used his book.

The past semester truly was a worship experience as I continue to learn about the design and function of the human body, the crown of God’s creation. I continue to see the creative and powerful attributes of our Heavenly Father in what has been made. As Paul said, “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse” (Romans 1:20).

You know, I lost count of how many times I read in my Physiology textbook phrases like “we still don’t know,” “for reasons not yet understood,” and “for purposes yet to be determined.” While it is true that we know much about the human body and how it functions, there is so much more we still don’t know or understand. When I read the phrases above it causes me to smile and give God praise. Although our best scientists don’t fully understand how life functions, our Heavenly Father, the Creator of Heaven and Earth does.

Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize winner in physics, once said, “Mankind grasps less than one percent of total knowledge.” And you know, he was probably making a vast overstatement. The more we learn and the more we understand, the more we understand how little we know. Isn’t it wonderful to have to have a limitless God?! And isn’t it a blessing to be able to point others to Him?!

Present Suffering – Future Glory
Today I was able to spend the morning at Mercy Medical and see all the improvements that my friend Jim is making there. I met a new doctor and a new dentist; both have started volunteering since I left in January. God is good!

I was able to meet and pray with a new patient, a young self-employed carpenter, who recently suffered a stroke due to uncontrolled high blood pressure. His world has been deeply shaken as he has lost some use of his legs, and has been unable to work. He has no insurance and he was denied disability as well. He began to cry as we talked about his struggles. Yet in the darkness, there is hope. We talked about God and the church. He had wandered away, but now he is realizing that he needs to return. God is able to use our suffering to point us back to Himself. Paul talked about suffering and the glory that will follow (Romans 8). And he says, “our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed” (Romans 8:18).

Please say a prayer for “Chad”. That he would allow God to work this situation for good in His life, that he might love God and be called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

Thank you again for caring enough to read this update, for your prayers, encouragement – and for your generous financial support. We don’t deserve your kindness – and are deeply grateful.

Prayer Pointers for May
♦ Thank God with us for His grace and faithfulness that sustained us through the first semester of PA school.
♦ Please pray for “Chad” to seek God’s ultimate purposes in his life and to experience God’s healing and grace.
♦ Please pray that I continue to stay focused and am able to learn what I need to know to be an effective healthcare provider, all the while maintaining the necessary grade-point average.

In Christian Love,

Chris & Family

From Team Expansion’s President
Dear Partner in Progress,
Volunteerism is alive and well today! Every Team Expansion missionary starts as a Volunteer (raising funds equal to his or her ministry needs plus the money it will take to support the worker’s salary). Churches, friends and family members continue to volunteer in many ways by providing food, housing, money, and even accompanying workers in their various outreaches. As a result of all this amazing compassion, literally hundreds of thousands of lives are being impacted for eternal good — and, we trust, tens of thousands will spend eternity in Heaven instead of Hell. After all, Team Expansion workers baptized 829 new believers last year alone, bringing to 12,479 the total number baptized so far in Team Expansion’s history. They also established 28 new churches, allowing our 340 workers in 46 countries to regularly welcome over 13 thousand worshippers worldwide each and every week. We give thanks for God’s power, manifested through His Good News, His global force of Team Expansion Volunteers and Team Members, and His Spirit which binds us all together.

Thankful for the chance to serve you,
Doug Lucas