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June 2012

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Summer Session I and II
Dear Friends,
This past Friday, June 1, we finished up Summer Session I, a 4 week session. The Research Methods class went well and I learned a lot about how to read, understand and write evidenced-based medical articles. We will have a Master’s Project due next spring, so this class was our first step in that process. I started my project by reviewing the literature that is currently published about U.S immigrants (especially Hispanic) and diabetes. I discovered that there is a direct correlation between the time of residency in the US and the occurrence rates of diabetes in Hispanic immigrants. With each year spent in the US, Hispanic immigrants have a higher rate of diabetes diagnosis compared to Hispanics who remain in their home countries. This increase levels off after 10 years of residing in the US. I will continue researching this topic and seek to determine some factors that might be causing this rise in diabetes risk.

Summer Session II starts Thursday, June 7th. We will be studying Pathophysiology (the study of disease) as well as Preventative Medicine. Summer Session II continues through August 2nd.

Throughout the summer I will be shadowing doctors and PAs in different clinics as we begin to study the clinical aspect of medicine. I’m excited about the different opportunities to interact with patients and healthcare providers as a PA student.

Family Update – Summer 2012
● In May we celebrated Abbey’s graduation from 8th grade. She received several awards for academics and we are very proud of her. She is a hard-worker, and very self-motivated. She applied and was accepted to Eastern High School in Louisville. That is the same high school that Emily attended and we are confident that God has great plans for Abbey as she shines her light for the Lord there. Abbey will be trying out for the freshman volleyball team in July.

Abbey - 8th grade graduation

      Abbey – 8th Grade Graduation

● Emily is finishing up her freshman year at Spalding University, here in Louisville. Spalding uses a “6-week sessions” model instead of the traditional semester academic model. It is working out quite well for Emily as she is working part-time as a home nursing assistant with individuals with disabilities in addition to her full class load. She is doing great academically and we are proud of her as well. She continues in the pre-Occupational Therapy major program.

● Tyler is renting a house near us and is working full-time as a customer service rep for the Louisville branch of Graybar, a national distributor of electrical, data and communication hardware. He is enjoying his work and we are proud of him.


Mercy Medical Growth
It is a blessing to see the ministry of Mercy Medical continue to expand. There are times when it is obvious that the hand of God is moving, and there’s no question in this case. My friend Jim, the administrator of Mercy, was sharing with me that he has compared our clinic’s scope of practice with others in the country, and Mercy Medical is truly very unique. First and foremost, it a Christian mission, where ministry to body AND soul is the goal of each encounter. Secondly it is a free clinic that utilizes 100% volunteers who donate their services to the uninsured. Thirdly, in addition to general medicine being provided by a number of  primary care volunteers, by God’s grace, the clinic has added an amazing number of specialties to its outreach including the services of a Christian psychiatrist, an orthopedic specialist, four dermatologists, a physical therapist, an internal medicine doctor, an eye specialist, a chiropractor, a diabetes specialist, a nutritionist, a pathologist, a surgeon, a Christian family therapist/counselor, a nephrologist, several dentists and hygienists! Pretty amazing.

Prayer Pointers for June
♦ Thank God with us for His grace and faithfulness that continues to sustained us.
♦ Please continue to pray for Mercy Medical’s unique ministry. In addition to the specialties listed above Jim tells me he is also trusting God to add a neurologist and a cardiologist to the list.
♦ Please pray that I continue to stay focused and am able to learn what I need to know to be an effective healthcare provider.

Thank you for your encouragement, prayers and financial support. We are humbled and grateful.
In Christian love,
Chris & family

From Team Expansion’s President
Dear Fellow-Laborers,
During a recent trip to Southern California, just when I was trying to make good time on the freeway, I hit a gridlock. Then it happened: my “traffic-aware” GPS asked me if I wanted to take an alternate route to avoid “some bad traffic ahead.” Duh. Soon I was sailing along a set of scenic switchbacks on a hilly backroad that I had never heard of before. And just when I began to wonder where in the world I was, a right turn revealed the destination I was seeking!
GPS devices had been around for years, but TRAFFIC-AWARENESS was new for me. As I reflected, I wondered — what if Team Expansion could act as a “traffic aware” guidance system for your church and your favorite missionary? What if God enabled us to help you figure out the opportunities, challenges, and barriers to cross-cultural work, then power you up to be all the more effective in conjunction with your favorite Team Expansion missionary. Well guess what: That’s exactly what we’re in the business of doing! And Emerald Hills, our home base, is our center of operations for that mandate. Our International Services team contacts your worker regularly to coach, support, and hold him or her accountable. And your worker networks with a host of folks throughout the whole organization for mutual “peer mentoring” and networking. Today, we’re thankful for the way you undergird your favorite Team Expansion missionary to tackle the work. May God bless you this week as you labor for him!!!!
Doug Lucas