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August 2012

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Summer Semester – Finished!
Dear Friends,
I had a lot of encouragement from friends to finish strong with the summer semester. People were praying for me, and I know God’s grace made the difference. I’m happy to say that I finished well, and I learned a ton! I have a very thick notebook of handwritten notes from my pathology class lectures that I will probably be referring to for years to come.

We have two weeks free from classes, although the reading assignments have already begun. I’m catching up at home this week, then a quick trip to Joplin, MO next week to visit my mother, brother, sister-in-law and family. The fall semester begins August 22nd.

The fall semester will include the first of two semesters of Pharmacology class, a Master’s Project class, along with 3 different clinical methods, lecture and lab classes. The clinical classes include such things as how to do a physical exam, lab procedures, and current medical diagnosis and treatment. So, really, this fall begins the practical, hands-on, part of PA school. I am excited about that.
I will need your prayers once again as we rev up the intensity level with five classes (including the Master’s Project) during the fall semester. Just a little over 9 more months of the classroom phase of PA school, then the year of clinical rotations begin.

Some Daughter Talk
Abbey, our youngest, starts high school this month! She will be attending the same high school that Emily attended, and playing for the same volleyball coach. Volleyball practices started July 15. Abbey is “Little Bushnell” with the coaches and older teammates who know Emily. She is becoming quite the defensive specialist. As with her sister, the comments coming from the coaches so far have been very good about her quick smile, warm heart and sweet personality. That always is music to a parent’s ears.

Emily starts her second year at Spalding University on August 22nd, the same day I head back. She will be getting into some tougher science classes as she begins her sophomore year. She continues her studies with pre-Occupational Therapy.

She also decided to take “Perspectives on the World Christian Movement,” a class that is being offered by our church that is an rather intensive 15-week course in which students discover what God is doing around the world and consider their part in His purposes. She loved being in Poland this past spring on her mission trip.

She also continues to work part-time as a home health aide to children with special needs. The job requires a special calling which she seems to have, and it fits nicely with her plans to study Occupational Therapy.

August Prayer Points
♦ Please pray for Abbey as she encounters the pressures of a large public high school. Pray for God’s grace, wisdom and spiritual strength.
♦ Please pray for Emily as the academic rigors increase and as she prepares herself for where God is leading her.
♦ Please continue to pray for my ability to focus, learn and complete each day’s tasks.
♦ Please pray for Diane as she manages the homefront and serves as Abbey’s chauffeur and cook.

Financial Note:
We finished July with a hefty deficit of almost $1,900 in the red in our General fund. Our retirement fund is actually keeping our account in the black for now. We have a supporter who is blessing us by sending $200 monthly earmarked for our Retirement fund. We invest that money in our IRA each year. For now, those monies are keeping our Team Expansion account from actually being in the red. By God’s grace, we’ll be able to invest the retirement dollars as soon as the account is in better shape.

Thank you for your faithful and generous partnership!

In Christian love,

Chris & family

From Team Expansion’s President – Doug Lucas
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Each spring, I’m honored to gather together with the heads of 7 other organizations. I generally feel like a lion in a “den of Daniels.” We don’t have a Development Department, nor do we pay consultants to do mass mail campaigns. (We don’t even do mass mail campaigns.) But there is a bit of a silver lining to this dark cloud, depending on how you look at it. For 34 years, for better or worse, we have operated on a very simple paradigm: for every dollar given by every donor, we send 100% of it to the field for which it was given. No smoke and mirrors. No bait-and-switch. 100%. Then we ask each worker or family to make an offering of $100 per month for everything we do internationally. So when you donate funds toward the work of your favorite Team Expansion missionary, literally all of it goes toward that missionary’s work. Then, if he or she is at the top of his or her game, a small gift of $100 goes back to the Home Office to cover all the services offered on behalf of the organization as a whole. (Likewise, each worker at the Home Office, save one receptionist, raises support just like field-based missionaries. God be praised for those who make their work possible, by the way, because they are, in turn, making possible a global work force.) I’ll admit: It’s not as much fun to operate this way. In fact, building a training campus is like pulling teeth!  But we hope it pleases donors. We hope it brings a focus on our fields of service. And most of all, we hope it helps get the job done for God’s glory. Thank you for your support of Team Expansion!
Thank you for your friendship and encouragement on the journey! We are deeply grateful.
Doug Lucas