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October 2012

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Quick Update From PA School
Dear Friends,
In September we began seeing patients at the University of Kentucky hospital, under the supervision of residents. I endured a very challenging month academically that included a week with 5 exams. My GPA remains above the mandatory minimum of 3.0. I am encouraged by the progress we are making, but humbled by the weight of material yet to be covered.

Team Expansion’s Core Values
To be honest, it would be easy to conclude that I don’t have time to write this report this month. But I need to do it for several reasons. As a Team Expansion missionary I am expected to send an update every month to my supporters and prayer partners. This update is to include progress with the ministry, any pertinent personal or family news, and a financial report. A copy of this report also goes to my overseers at International Services (Team Expansion’s headquarters here in Louisville, KY). This is a commitment that every Team Expansion missionary makes, and one that I have kept since we joined in May of 1992.

Monthly Reporting is one of Team Expansion’s Seven Core Values. These values are:

1. Remain faithfully committed to the Bible – biblical

2. Work among unreached (5% or less evangelical) —

3. Set church-planting as our primary long-term goal —

4. Work in teams – teams

5. Desire, provide, and seek coaching – coaching

6. Hold a non-judgmental attitude among teammates on issues
of opinion – grace

7. Provide supporters a monthly report on progress, time,
and money – accountability

I’m grateful to be a part of an organization that is making a difference in some of the darkest corners of the planet. Some of my fellow “Team Expansioners” are risking their very lives every day in order to bring hope and salvation through the timeless message of the Gospel. They are committed to the vision of a vibrant indigenous church for every people group on earth. I love that our mission is committed to church planting first and foremost. There’s a place for humanitarian efforts like clean drinking water, literacy, microenterprise, and dental/medical outreaches. These can be fantastic tools for sharing the love of Christ and providing a legitimate platform for entry into certain places. But at the end of the day, it’s the presence of a local church that will ultimately make an eternal difference in the lives of the population.

Fitting in the Big Picture
This leads to another reason for writing this report. It’s always good to remember the big picture, especially when you find yourself drowning in the details. Right now it would be easy for me to focus on the roughly 30 hours of homework/study I need to put in for the 4 classes and Masters Project between now (Friday morning) and Monday morning. This semester will almost certainly be the most challenging of my life, to this point.

But, those are just details and part of the journey. The big picture is that God is patiently waiting with open arms for His lost children to come home. He is calling them from every “tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9).

As I continue through this educational furlough I need to believe that God will use my medical training to eventually open new doors of opportunities in His bigger picture.

I also need to be open and responsive to opportunities for Him to use me now.

Would you pray with me for the following requests?
• Wisdom for Team Expansion’s leadership as they continue to guide a growing worldwide mission effort.
• Strength, protection, wisdom, and open doors for Team Expansion workers striving to plant biblical churches in 46 countries.
• Mental stamina, quick recall, guided hands as I continue medical training and begin working with patients.
Thank you for your partnership and support. We are so grateful.
In Christian love,

Chris & family

A Note from Team Expansion’s President
Dear Friend of the Great Commission,
As I write this update, I’m helping Team Expansion’s great staff of “missionary kid care” specialists to stage a retreat for the college-aged children of our global force of 360+ adult missionaries. These kids grow up overseas, and then when it comes time to go to college, many have to move back to the USA, leaving their parents in the mission field. On top of all that, research has shown that missionary kids (or “MK’s” for short), in particular, appreciate community. That’s one of the reasons I’m always so glad that Team Expansion is so focused on the 250+ children of our worldwide workers.

Perhaps your favorite Team Expansion missionary doesn’t have any college-aged children right now. (Maybe he or she doesn’t have any children at all.) Still, that probably doesn’t stop you from being glad that your worker is associated with a group that has such a focus. Please pause today to give thanks for children who follow their parents cross-culturally. Ask God to protect and preserve them. Pray that He will lift them up if (when?) they ever become discouraged. Pray that their needs will be met at all stages of their lives, including transitional times such as Home Service or college. And thank you for your partnership!

Doug Lucas
President, Team Expansion