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November 2012

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

Dear Friends,
If you are like me you can’t believe that Thanksgiving is already upon us. I truly am thankful for God’s grace and strength that is sustaining me through the first year of PA school. Finals for this semester are just 4 weeks away. The past month has been extremely intense, but by God’s grace I have been able to stay focused and continue to press forward. My grades are still exactly where they need to be and I give God all the credit. Thank you for praying for me, and I humbly ask that you keep it up! The next time I write you will be after my final exams that end on December 14th, and I look forward to being able to report to you then!                               
 Abbey - Freshman Total Defense Award
Abbey – Defense Award
I wanted to share with you a picture of our youngest, Abbey. She is a freshman at Eastern High School in Louisville. It is one of the largest high schools in Kentucky with well over 2000 students. She played on the freshman volleyball team and was given the Total Defense Award for her team at the end of the season banquet. She is following in her big sister’s footsteps, not only on the volleyball team, but being a light for God’s love in her school.
November Prayer Points
Thank you again for your encouragement and help in this journey. I remain extremely grateful to be able to prepare myself for service in the medical field. I am excited about seeing what doors God will open to allow the blending of ministry, medicine, and Spanish as well. As long as God grants me a clear mind and able body I want to serve Him faithfully wherever He leads us. 
• Please pray for strength, perseverance, and understanding as I study.
• Please pray for Diane, Tyler, Emily and Abbey as they endure this journey with me – and often make sacrifices because of it. I am so grateful for their support and encouragement and don’t deserve such a wonderful family.
• Praise God with us for His provision and for our generous supporters. We are grateful for some extra gifts that came in October that were a big help. Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Chris & family                                                    

A Note from Team Expansion’s President
Dear Partner for the Unreached,
Do you pray for your favorite Team Expansion missionary? If so, THANK you!!! If not, would you consider starting today? You might respond, “I’m not really sure God hears me when I pray.” I bet if you ever asked your favorite Team Expansion worker, he or she would tell you stories about specific instances when prayers were answered. I know I have some. There’s the story about our 4-year-old nearly dying in the USSR in 1991. I’m convinced prayer changed the course of his destiny. Drawing those straws in Venezuela in 1986. I have a half-dozen witnesses to verify it. And there are more. Your worker would have different stories, but the same conclusions. So if you would, please take another look at his or her last newsletter or email. Please take a moment to say a word to the Father. Then let the worker know you’re praying. Your prayers are heard — and your encouragement will help too.  God bless you for your partnership.
Doug Lucas
President, Team Expansion