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May 2013

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Another step closer!
Dear Friends,
I asked you to pray for me last month and there’s no doubt that God heard and answered our prayers! The pharmacology exam I told you about was the most comprehensive exam I’ve taken so far. It covered several hundred drugs for 45 common diseases and conditions seen in primary care. Since last August I knew the cumulative final was coming and it loomed over me like Mount Everest. I have been preparing every day since August, reviewing, memorizing, forgetting,  re-memorizing, praying and trying not to fret. I’m happy to tell you that I earned an A on what was up to this point, the hardest exam of my life! I give God all the credit – and rejoice to have that semester behind me.

Academically, by God’s grace I had my best semester yet. I’ve learned so much since starting PA school 17 months ago, but still have so much more to learn. I need to keep reviewing all that I’ve learned so that I can use it during the clinical year that starts July 1st, and then for the board exam next summer, and then on in clinical practice. Now, speaking of the board exam, that will surely be the hardest exam of my life! It’s never too soon to start praying. That will take place in July of 2014.

So, what’s next? We’ve already started our next classes. It will just be a four week semester and we are taking our last two classes before we start our clinical rotations.  Because it is a four-week session the classes are condensed with a lot of reading and I have to make sure I don’t get behind. The two classes are Nutrition and Geriatric Medicine.

So, the next time I write you in early June I will be finished with the 18 month classroom portion of PA school!

Prayer Pointers for May
♦ Praise God for granting me strength, perseverance, and ability to focus on the academic challenges I’m facing.
♦ Pray for strength and perseverance to finish strong with the last month of classes before clinical rotations begin July 1st.
♦ Pray for God to provide opportunities for me to plant eternal seeds with patients and fellow healthcare providers.
♦ Praise God for providing me with such a supportive and understanding wife and kids! They have been fantastic.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, prayers and generous support during this journey. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity!

In Christian love,

Chris & family

A Note from Team Expansion’s President
Dear Fellow-helpers,
A field worker recently confessed to me that the main reason she was drawn to apply as a missionary with Team Expansion was because several of our team members wrote her on a regular basis over the course of a year, gently encouraging her toward missions and praying for her along the way. If only we knew the impact of the words we utter daily, both in spoken as well as in written form. In like manner, if we could only see with our very eyes those who are becoming discouraged or disenchanted, and, as a result, deciding not to apply for or not to continue their work in cross-cultural evangelism and discipleship. A long time ago, I made up my mind that, God willing, I would always stop and pray any time the thought of a prayer need even blipped across the radar in my mind. But we become so busy with the hustle and bustle of daily living. And there are so many distractions, some of which are helpful — and others, not so much. Today, I’m thankful for any of the moments you have given to write, pray for, and encourage your favorite Team Expansion worker. Someday, he or she will probably share a testimony with me about the difference you’ve made. But in the meantime, may God bless you directly for your ministry on behalf of  unreached peoples. Team Expansion is able to move forward with momentum because of the way God is at work in your life, empowering and undergirding the Team Expansion family that you know.
May God bless you.
Doug Lucas