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June 2013

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Didactic (Classroom) Portion of PA Program Finished! The clinical year begins July 1st 

Dear Friends,

This past week was certainly a full one. It started with a Geriatric Medicine conference on Monday that our class participated in, then the Geriatric Medicine final exam on Tuesday morning. The Nutrition final exam was on Tuesday afternoon, followed by a 3 ½ hour comprehensive medicine exam on Wednesday morning that covered the entire 18 months of PA education thus far. Thursday was the first day of orientation for our clinical rotations. Finally I had a Standardized Patient exam on Friday morning. These involve professional patients who act out a clinical scenario. The entire process is recorded so that I can learn from the good and bad of my performance. Through the process of a history and physical I ascertain what the medical problem is along with 4 or 5 other possible causes for the symptoms (the differential diagnosis). I then have to determine the correct treatment steps and counsel the patient on the assessment and plan. All of this is done WITHOUT the benefit of notes or reference materials. I am then graded by the patient and given feedback on what I did and did not do well. Later a professor grades my differential diagnosis and assessment and plan.

Needless to say, I was very happy to finish the week and be given the good word that I successfully completed all the requirements to proceed to the clinical year!

We now have two weeks of break, followed by a weeklong orientation to the clinical year the last week of June. On July 1st I will begin the first of 12 month-long clinical rotations.

My first two months will be “Family Medicine Rotations “at Mercy Medical Clinic in Shelbyville, KY! I am looking forward to returning to the place where I sensed the Lord leading me to embark on this journey. It know it will be a true joy to work with the volunteers and patients of Mercy Medical and allow the Lord to continue to mold and shape me for the future. Thank you for your encouragement and prayers throughout this journey thus far – and as I move into the clinical phase.

Emily returning to Poland for 3 months on June 27th

Our daughter Emily will turn 21 this month and is finishing her sophomore year at Spalding University in Louisville. She is a dedicated student and doing well with her pre-Occupational Therapy classes. She went to Poland last year on a spring break missions trip and desires to return as a short-term missionary. She has raised the needed finances and will be leaving Louisville on June 27th. She will be helping a team of missionaries with conducting a Christian camp for young people throughout the three months. She will be returning home on September 17th and will jump right back into college.  I’ll keep you posted on her work in Poland and appreciate your prayers for God’s protection, leading and blessing.

Prayer Pointers for June 2013
♦ Thank God for His faithfulness and strength to get me through the last 18 months of classwork.
♦ Ask God for the strength and perseverance to continue learning through the year of clinical rotations and to be a faithful witness to everyone I meet.
♦ Please pray for God’s protection, guidance and wisdom for Emily as she serves Him in Poland.
♦ Please pray for Team Expansion missionaries around the globe as we seek to faithfully fan into flame the 7 great passions (below) in our lives and those everyone with whom we meet.
Thank you for sharing this journey with us! We are so very grateful for each of you.

In Christian love,

Chris & family

A Note From Team Expansion’s President
Dear Friend of the Great Commission,
Team Expansion people are passionate. In fact, we’ve identified 7 Great Passions that we all hold dear:
1) God – He’s our reason. 2) Prayer – In fact, our org started in a prayer meeting in 1978. 3) People – God loved people enough to send his Son for them. 4) Effective Communication – We’re all about heart language, relationships, and truth.
5) Making Disciples – This is the focus of the Great Commission. 6) Creative, strategic perseverance until the results are achieved – Taking the Good News globally is hard work. But we don’t quit. 7) Growth – God seems so set on redeeming people from every tribe, caste and kindred. And he doesn’t want just a few. Read Revelation. He wants thousands. These 7 passions ignite our hearts and our service. Thank you for undergirding the global work of Team Expansion.
Doug Lucas