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October 2013

Sunday, October 13th, 2013

Surgery Rotation
Dear Friends,
It’s been a full 3 weeks, with one more to go on the surgery rotation. I am working at a small rural hospital 30 miles away. I am working primarily with two general surgeons and am able to also follow a number of specialists (namely Ob/Gyn, Gastroenterologists, and Urologists). Being in the operating room each day is a fascinating experience. It causes me to daily marvel at the glory of God be seeing how we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” (Psalm 139.14).
So far I have been able to experience dozens of gallbladder and hernia surgeries, along with colon resections, appendectomies, amputations, hysterectomies, various types of abscess drainages, pancreatic procedures, colonoscopies, and others.

I have had the opportunity to personally do shave and punch biopsies, removal of small lesions and suturing (pictured). I don’t plan on becoming a surgical PA, so the hands-on experience I have had is really helpful since I will be regularly doing that sort of thing (small incisions, suturing, etc.) in Family medicine in the future.

I have a lot of respect for surgeons who often start very early in the morning with their workday and are often on-call much of the time. It’s not uncommon for them to spend nights and weekends at the hospital.

Psychiatry Rotation
I just have one more week of the Surgery rotation. I start the Psychiatry rotation at Louisville’s Veterans Hospital on October 21st.

In case you are wondering the government “shut-down” we are currently experiencing does not affect any VA medical centers’ services for our nation’s Veterans.

Team Expansion’s Prayer Force
Our mission organization has an email prayer resource called “Prayer Force Newsletter.” It is a daily email that arrives every morning to your inbox at about 6 AM. Our prayer coordinator, Betty Byrd, provides a brief Team Expansion prayer request along with a featured bio of the
“Unreached People Group of the Day.” It is a great way to spend a moment each day lifting up in prayer an entire people group that is still considered unreached by the Gospel.

Go to: then click on “Pray” on the top banner. You then you will be able to click on “Subscribe to the Prayer Force.”

Family Update
We appreciate your prayers and encouragement to Diane. She is actually feeling much better with an adjustment to the heart medicine. We will be seeing the surgeon on Friday, Oct 18th for an evaluation. We’ll keep you posted.

The kids are doing great. Tyler is progressing with his career at Graybar (a national distributor of electrical, telecommunication and data networking products). Emily is busy with her last semester of Occupational Therapy school pre-requisites. Abbey is bringing home excellent grades as usual. Her varsity and junior varsity volleyball teams have had numerous matches each week but that will be winding down at the end of October with the seasoning-ending tournament.

Thanks so much for your friendship and partnership. May God bless each of you.
In Christian love,

Chris and Family

Financial Update
We praise God for the generous donations that came in September. One in particular was a large surprise donation from an anonymous family who had been blessed and wanted to share with us in our time of need. We are so grateful and humbled by God’s goodness and your generosity. Thank you all!

Prayer Pointers for October 2013
♦ Please pray for wisdom as we meet with the heart surgeon.
♦ Please pray for God’s strength and grace to help me continue learning and growing, and to become the best health care provider I possibly can. Pray for opportunities to plant eternal seeds in each environment God takes me.
♦ Thank you for your prayers for Shani, a dear friend and coworker on the Team Expansion Louisville Hispanic team. The cancer had not spread and she did great with her recovery.
♦ Thank God for His gracious provision of our needs in September and for His continued help for the remaining months of my educational furlough.

A Note from Team Expansion’s President
Dear Global Partner,
I was recently scanning a web page with translations of the phrase, “thank you,” into some 465 languages. I recognized several versions and smiled as I remembered them. I guess it turns out that, regardless of where one originates, there’s always a way to show gratitude for “mercy” showed from one partner to another. If we had space this month, we’d list all 465 words, but maybe you’d start to get the idea after the first few lines — that we’re EXTREMELY grateful for your partnership in our shared global purpose. We want to share with others what God has shared with us: mercy, which is, in fact, very close to the French word for Thanks, which is also a great way to end this note to you! We appreciate you and your partnership!
Doug Lucas