April 2012

April Encouragement
Dear Friends,

I received a small box in the mail recently. It had several candy bars and snacks, two gift cards and a handwritten note from an anonymous encourager. It said “Congrats on staying strong and doing well in school this semester. “Be strong and very courageous.” Enjoy breakfast on us and a gift for all your hard work. Keep it up. You and Him will be successful.”


How about that?! What a blessing to have so many encouragers and prayer partners on this journey. And, I want this anonymous family to know that I really appreciated this thoughtfulness.

I do continue to need your prayers to finish out this semester. The next time I write you (early May) the first semester will be history. Final exams in my four classes will be the first week of May (April 30-May 4). And then, we start the summer session on May 8th. The next four weeks will be extremely intense academically. I need to do well and keep my GPA at 3.0 or better (B average), which is required. I am currently right on the border. I know God, who has brought me this far, will remain faithful as I dedicate myself to Him and to the task He has set before me.

What a blessing to know that the same powerful God who created the universe, and raised Jesus from the dead, has put his Holy Spirit in us. With God all things are possible and we can do all things through Christ, who gives us strength.

Mercy Medical Update
I was able to spend a day at Mercy Medical last month and it was so good to see some of the patients and hard-working volunteers who make it such a special place. My good friend, Jim Kutzner, continues to do a fantastic job as the administrator. He is always thinking creatively about ways to improve the facility, the system and the process of caring for each patient in Jesus’ name. The clinic impact and ministry continues to grow and God continues to provide.

Jim Kutzner

Jim Kutzner brings close to 20 years of medical experience and military leadership to his role as Administrator of Mercy Medical Clinic.

April Prayer Pointers
♦ Last month I asked you to pray for Emily and her small group of college students/adults who went to Poland on a missions-trip over spring break. She served in an orphanage and at a camp. They visited a concentration camp from WWII. In our daughter we see that God continues to mold a sensitive and compassionate heart for the suffering and a humble desire to quietly and faithfully serve Him by serving the “least of these.” It is a joy to see her blossom before our eyes.
♦ Please continue to pray for my ability to focus and learn and finish strong this semester
♦  I was able to visit the precious souls at the Hispanic Ministry at Fern Creek Christian Church in March. It was so good to reconnect with my Hispanic brothers and sisters and see them growing in faith and knowledge. Fellow Team Expansion missionary Mike Hook continues to lead this group. He is an outstanding teacher of God’s Word and is building a solid foundation.

Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement. We are indeed grateful for your generosity partnership!

In Christian love,

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