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A DEVASTATING EARTHQUAKE HAS CLAIMED OVER 50,000 LIVES. The numbers keep rising. The earthquakes keep coming. Millions are injured, homeless, and hurting. 87+ Million Turks & Syrians are Unreached with the Gospel. We feel led by God to help meet essential needs and share eternal hope. Will you partner with us?

Please include the note, "Earthquake Relief" with your donation.*

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On February 6, 2023

Turkey & Syria Were Hit by Powerful Earthquakes

The death toll has climbed to over 50,000 people in the world’s deadliest earthquake disaster in more than a decade. It’s estimated that over 1.5 million people are living in the streets without shelter in the coldest time of the year. Not only are they without a roof over their head and food to survive, but they are hopeless without a Savior. Team Expansion has missionaries on the ground ready to provide physical survival and everlasting survival – Jesus. They need your help.

Give to provide not only food and emergency supplies to children and families impacted by this devastation but also hope through the Gospel. We are poised to be Jesus to thousands living without help or hope. Please partner with us to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the aftermath of this great tragedy.

Will you give today to provide essential aid and eternal hope to Turkey and Syria?

Please include the note, "Earthquake Relief" with your donation.*

Essential Aid

Your donation will be used to:
· Provide food and clean water to survivors
· Provide shelter to people who lost their homes
· Provide social and spiritual support to survivors
· Support economic relief efforts
· Support long-term recovery efforts
· Most importantly, your donation will provide the Good News to those in need.
· And much, much more!

A Trusted Team

Our Turkey team is well-established. They speak the language. They understand the culture. They have local friends and contacts. They have a ministry platform and a network of new believers and disciple-makers. God has positioned this team to be a valuable asset in meeting essential needs in Jesus' name.

The Vision

Our team has a vision for Turkey. Their ultimate goal is to see the entire Turk people group reached by the end 2028. Turkey has been dominated by Islam for 1,000 years. The Turk people group has been one of the largest Muslim UPGs in the world for many years. Together, we can see that change.

Please include the note, "Earthquake Relief" with your donation.*

Give essential aid and eternal hope to Turkey and Syria

There is an urgent need for more tents!

*Your tax-deductible gift will help provide for essential needs that exist in Turkey and Syria. We recognize the designated intent of this donation is for disaster relief. In the event this project is over-funded, excess funds may be used for related purposes within Team Expansion. We’re thankful for your shared vision of using our God-given resources for His glory.

Please include the note, "Earthquake Relief" with your donation.*

Our partners have helped us get an idea of the current needs and costs. Please use this list to help inform your giving. The most needed items will be purchased with your donation and given in Jesus’ name.

Current Urgent Need

– 12′ x 10′ tent  $120
– 24′ x 18′ tent $366
– 36′ x 22′ tent $550

Larger families and gatherings can use the 36×22.

Ongoing Needs

-Feed a person for a day $10
-Feed a family of 4 for a month $250
-Large Water $7
-Canned food and warm/fresh food 24 cans $44
-Hygiene products/emale hygiene $25
-Baby products (clothes, food, diapers etc.). $45/month
-Winter clothes, thermal clothes $150 for a family of 4
-Pocket heaters $35  for a box of 24 pieces
-Shoes, footwear, socks $15 a person
-Gloves $4
-A large sized fully decorated winter tent for 4 $500
-Sleeping bags, $27
-Air mattresses, $25
-Locally made mattresses $12
-Blankets $15
-Generators, $185
-Power banks, $19
-Batteries $4
-Gas, diesel fuel $60
-Blankets $15
-Rice a bag of 25KG  $32
-Beans a bag of 10kg $22
-Cooking oil $9
-Sugar 3Kg  $5
-Large bag of flour $34

Want to Give by Check?

Mail your check addressed to “Team Expansion” to
Team Expansion
Attn: Earthquake Relief
4112 Old Routt Road
Louisville, KY 40299

You may include “earthquake relief” in the memo line of the check.