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Team Expansion

Each year, Team Expansion missionaries and their families come together at a regional Connect gathering. This Christmas, you could provide gifts and training for the 300 children of our workers that will bless and encourage them as they live in ministry life around the world. 

Caring for Children Around the World

For the 300 children of our workers, known as our Third Culture Kids, Connect is an opportunity to make friends, share experiences, and grow with other children and teens living in similar situations. It’s a chance to be heard, seen, loved, and known for who they are with people who understand their unique challenges and opportunities. Connect is an opportunity for our Third Culture Kids staff and volunteers to invest in these kids, give them necessary tools and training to thrive in their fields, and encourage them to pursue their own faith as their parents share the Gospel in unreached places.

Give a Gift that May Change Someone's Eternity

Care packages for Team Expansion missionary kids (Item 050)

Total Cost Per Item: $12

Quantity Needed: 300

Each care package is an investment in Team Expansion’s TCKs and will be distributed at the annual Connect gathering.

Item #050

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.

Can I give by check?

Yes! Just mail a check made payable to “Team Expansion” to:

Team Expansion
Christmas Catalog 2022
4112 Old Routt Road
Louisville, KY 40299.

Please provide a note along with your check that identifies which item(s) and field(s) your donation is for. If you have an email address, please attach a note with it clearly printed so we can email you a receipt for your gift.

How do you remain accountable to your donors (can we see how donations are being used)?

We report on our donations each month. We strive to remain financially transparent. All donations are aggregated and reported in our monthly email, The Impact (subscribe here). You can also inquire about being added to the monthly report of the worker(s) in the area your gift is going to.

Connect with Us

Don't just give gifts this Christmas.
Give hope. Give healing. Give Jesus.