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South Asia

This team walks alongside the native leaders of 6 movements as well as overseeing 3 teams of workers.  They all work with unreached and some with unengaged people groups.  Together they have seen the formation of over 4,000 house churches with over 10,000 in attendance, many of whom are baptized.  This year most have seen growth and together report 100’s of baptisms. This Christmas, partner with them to help advance this work.

The Vision

The vision of this team is to be disciples who make disciples – training, encouraging, and unifying believers in their city and leading to a Disciple Making Movement that will reach the entire country.

Equipping National Leaders

This team consists of practitioners of movement making principles who walk along side native leaders who have already shown fruit in same.  This includes training, coaching, encouraging, praying, and resourcing.  They also collaborate with local native churches and other like-minded expats in fruitful areas.  This includes gathering a local district wide coalition for COTW (Coalition of the Willing), the first in this country. This effort will map each village showing where the church is and where it is not.

Give a Gift that May Change Someone's Eternity

Native worker help (Item 035)

Total Cost for one Year: $4680

Pay for one Month: $390

Pay for one worker for one month: $87

This money would allow the team to hire multiple local workers to complete two important projects:

  1. For local pastors to identify which villages have no churches so they can use their time and resources to target the villages of greatest need rather than duplicating efforts.
  2. To use media to disciple seekers who are more willing to learn about Jesus online, leading to face-to-face meetings and start of simple churches.

Item #035

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Church Planter Informal Education/ Community Centers (Item 036)

Cost: $340

Quantity: 8

Resources like sewing machines, tarps for temporary roofs, cooling fans, and sometimes laptops will be provided.  Usually the location is provided by the church planter. To serve difficult to reach communities, especially Muslims, through free and very affordable education/ training.  These can include after school tutoring, sewing and beautician training, computer skills, among others.  4 are operating now but with little to no funding.  Plan is to start 4 more in 2023 for a total of 8.

Item #036

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Disciple Making Training for Multiplication (Item 037)

Cost: $182

Quantity: 110 trainings

6 networks completed 137 trainings in 2022 (about $182/training).  The cost in 2022 was approximately $25,000.  In 2023, we currently have $10,000 available to us.  Wanting to expand this to $30,000 in training, we need $20,000.  Any number of trainings can be sponsored. This cost covers travel, food, and sometimes accommodation.

Item #037

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Orphans Because of Tiger Attack (Item 038)

Cost: $1,233

Quantity: 10 years

In August both parents of 4 children were both killed by a tiger as they worked in a field.  The father was a Muslim-background house church leader.  They are left with a hut and some land.  The church network has provided help thru December.  We are looking for a family to stay with them.  The children are in 6th grade, 8th grade, 10th grade and one starting college.  Any number of years can be sponsored. This annual cost would cover food and education expenses until the last child is out of 3-year college which is in 10 years.

Item #038

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Add Language to Discover App  (Item 039)

Cost: $10,000

Share the Cost: $200 (your contribution will be combined with others to reach the needed total)

Quantity: 1

Add Burmese language to the Discover App developed several years ago by other workers.  The app takes users through a simple Discovery Bible Study with several series of Bible stories with 5 basic questions including how they will obey what they have learned this week.  It plays audio for oral learners and can be downloaded online or from another user by Bluetooth free.  Available on Android and Iphone.  We already secured funding for Hindi which should be released in January 2023. The cost includes: IT work, translation, copyright use, and app maintenance.

Item #039

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes, all donations to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.

Can I give by check?

Yes! Just mail a check made payable to “Team Expansion” to:

Team Expansion
Christmas Catalog 2022
4112 Old Routt Road
Louisville, KY 40299.

Please provide a note along with your check that identifies which item(s) and field(s) your donation is for. If you have an email address, please attach a note with it clearly printed so we can email you a receipt for your gift.

How do you remain accountable to your donors (can we see how donations are being used)?

We report on our donations each month. We strive to remain financially transparent. All donations are aggregated and reported in our monthly email, The Impact (subscribe here). You can also inquire about being added to the monthly report of the worker(s) in the area your gift is going to.

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